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This section - made up of 9 separate pages - gives FACTS about Ralph Winstanley's death

Part 1 - January-11Apr2004
Part 2 - 11Apr2004 - 18Apr2004
Part 3 - 18Apr2004
Part 4 - 19Apr2004
Part 5 - 20Apr2004
Part 6 - 21Apr2004
Part 7 - 22Apr2004
Part 8 - 23Apr2004
Part 9 - after 23Apr2004

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18Dec2006 Dr Kevin Lee is 45 years old today *** NEW
25Jul2006 Legal? Hardly! 02May2006 Chief Manniken - South Yorkshire Police
15Apr 2006 Accessories Before, During and After the Fact of Murder

10Apr 2006 Was Paul Kelly ever employed as Assistant Deputy Coroner?
30Mar 2006 Donny's Bereavement Plan
27Mar 2006 Report of Professor Illidge of CRUK Paterson Institute and Christie NHS Trust
20Mar 2006 What Ralph Winstanley's two Consultants thought
16Mar 2006 How the National Health Service helped Nina Anne Clayton
10Mar2006 Health Board and Trust Members who are covering up the Murder
12Feb2006 Proof of Murder
25Jan2006 Martin Pennington's threatening letter
23Oct2005The strange case of the 7.30am burial and the tableau for the Yorkshire Post

23Oct2005 The Freemason at the back of the Courts
30Jul2005 Pre Inquest What?
01Jul2005 Morality is a small, quiet word
30Jun2005 What - exactly - is going on here?
03Jun2005 Murderers to justice? - Oh, perish the thought!
08Apr2005 Reply to letter "Coroner steps down"
07Apr2005 Coroner steps down
13Mar2005 The Killing Spree in Britain
23Feb2005 Pathology Report
22Feb2005 Oesophageal/Stomach Cancer? Hardly!
05Feb2005 Into Infinity with the Crooked, the Corrupt - and the Corpse which will not be released - yet
31Jan2005 Who owns this nice little Welsh Pony?
19Jan2005 Removed from the Patients Association website
11Jan2005 And pigs can fly!
31Dec2004 2005 - A Happy New Year?
23Dec2004 Big Brother has taken over the playpen and the little ones aren't safe
08Dec2004 Dead Man Walking - post number 1 (re-issue)
07Dec2004 Are we waiting for the half-life to run out?
30Nov2004 Will it be Christmas then?
23Nov2004 Cruising to where?
11Nov2004 Remembrance - and Ralph Winstanley
08Nov2004 Like Fairy Godmothers at Sleeping Beauty's Christening
01Nov2004 Happy Family Days
26Oct2004 Debbie's place - and Linda's birthday
25Oct2004 Wafflers in full flight
15Oct2004 Recorder Kealy Judgement
13Oct2004 So who's hiding what?
09Sep2004 Spreading the truth in Doncaster
27Aug2004 Two down - more to go?

10Aug2004 Update - 10th August 2004
05Aug2004 Health Care Cash Coshes Truth
02Aug2004 Winstanley family history
01Aug2004 Still they will not let us see
23Jul2004 Now, about the internet
23jul2004 STOP PRESS - nobbling attempt by public body
20Jul2004 Dead in Doncaster Central Primary Care Trust

Postings of interest - and some you should read

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2 Perhaps Ralph might have found this poem amusing? Perhaps - under other circumstances - he might have written it?

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7 Interesting comments appended to Perhaps he was in the way?

Ralph Winstanley's cluster of sister sites:

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Dead man walking
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2. http://rwinstanley.blogspot.com
Why did they need to get rid of him?
(secondary site)

3. http://ralphwinstanley.blogspot.com
Didn't really think I'd leave, did you?
(Ralph's own poem stating what his life was like in 1990)

4. http://ralphwinstanley83.blogspot.com
Still travelling on
('Ralph's' comments on his life and death)

5. http://winstanleyr.blogspot.com
Willed out of life
(Ralph's supposed comments on his own death)

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