Dr Kevin Lee is 45 years old today

Dear Dr Lee,

I notice that its your birthday today -and that you are 45 years old.

At such an age, and trained as a professional, do you not feel that it is time that you stood up like a man, and faced your own responsibilities?

It was you who - whilst never meeting my father - prescribed terminal care for the first time.

It was you who wrote the letter to Mrs Elizabeth Hedge, (18May2004), stating that you did not see my father. My sister and I know that statement to be accurate since we were both at Grange Farm during the day when you were consulted twice, without ever seeing the patient. And we are both certain that we did not see you, or any man who might have been you.

You trained to help the sick and the worried well. You trained as someone who was interested in keeping human beings as well as possible.

I am reasonably certain that you would not be very pleased if a relative of yours were treated in the way in which my father, (who the records state, had not been dying), was treated - unless of course, you wanted to be rid of that relative. So what is it that you do not understand about my father's blood family taking exception to his killing?

Is it that - not being the relative of a professional - such as yourself, you consider that he had no right to live out his natural span?

Do you consider that, being old, he had no right to take up valuable space in the world - or valuable resources from the NHS?

Is it that you had always wanted to play God, and this was your chance?

Or is is just that you made the mistake of believing a lying woman - and that your stupid system allowed you to sit on your bum, rather than turn out to see the - supposedly terminally ill - patient?

If the latter is the case, can you not face up to your responsibilities like a man? Is it really necessary to hide behind the skirts of over-paid solicitors, an ex-Senior Serving policeman (who is believe to have last 'served' at the Hillsborough disaster), and Jayne Brown, who only seems to have moved to get away from Doncaster so that she could serve on the committee of the Chairman who re-appointed her at a higher salary.

Do you consider that doctors are such high figures that they should never make mistakes - and when they do, the only course of action must be to cover them up?

If that is so, how would you feel if such a cover up were to take place over the destruction your own health? How would your relatives feel if that destruction were to result in your death? Do you and your relatives have any feelings?

What is certain is that you have, by your own deliberate actions - or their lack - since my father's death, put his whole blood family under severe stress.

In my case, with an elderly husband, who increasingly needs my help, I have had to take time away from him, night and day for 2 years and 8 months, because of you and your actions. This has cost us everything we might have had to spare for any social life.

My much loved grandson, who has autism, and needs as much input as we can possibly give him, if he is to lead his life in mainstream society, has not had anywhere near the help which I should under normal circumstances have been giving him. That is because of general exhaustion and constant hard work because you, as a professional did not only let down one old man, who died as a result of it, (whether or not you meant to kill someone who wasn't dying), but you have since that time, consistently let down his blood family, by refusing to take the responsibility for what you did - and by refusing to stand with his family to get that lying murderous woman, Nina Ann Clayton, and her lying murderous daughter, Rosemary Alice Cheesman, brought to book for their killing of that vulnerable old man, my father - and for using you and numerous other doctors and nurses to help to kill him.

When you gather in the pub for your birthday or round the tree or at your Christmas Table, with family or friends, (assuming you have any), do not forget that you have personally made the lives of a large number of people, (that I know of), more stressful and less healthy. You have personally conspired to take away whatever trust those people might have had in the medical profession. I do mean personally responsible, since your letter has had wide reading by many interested people, who cannot understand why this matter hasn't been resolved before now. Unfortunately, I understand only too well.

I am just grateful that none of my own family lives in the Doncaster or South Yorkshire area. I feel they are much safer away from such humbug and hypocrisy, especially since so many doctors are involved, and since so many nurses are willing to give up both their humanity and responsibility for their actions to irresponsible doctors.

You are responsible at the moment for the fact that I am about to tell your patients what you did to my father, so that they can at least have the opportunity to avoid you and to keep their own families safe from your protectionism. I don't feel good to have been forced into this position, but because of the risk of your stupidity and your lack of professionalism, I feel very guilty that I didn't let people know adequately, long before now. My father's blood family and I have tried to sort things out in a sensible way, because we believed that people were at least well-meaning and would act professionally. In our long and hard-won experience, nothing could be further from the truth.

Don't whine about it when it happens. Your welfare at 45 years old, is not as important as that of your vulnerable patients- no matter what you may think. Your self-interest is a credit to no-one. No litigation can alter what needs to be done to keep other people safe, and from now on, because the best you are prepared to do is to pass the buck to the intolerably self-centred Directors and Chief Executive of Doncaster PCT and its grubby solicitors, Beachcroft I will be making every effort to inform patients of all doctors and nurses involved - including St John's Hospice. (And that fact grieves me.) The information which I put out will be honest and accurate - not that you'd recognise either, I suppose?

Your sincerely,

Charlotte Peters Rock
PS Perhaps when you pass this on to Jayne Brown, you will point out that this will also impact on her, personally. That will give greater point to her constant affirmation of the receipt of letters which I sent to Dr Lis Rogers, Dr Gillian Harding, RGN Val Derks, Dr Rachel S Sykes, Dr Andrew Oakford, Dr Jonathan Bundy, Dr Paul Wilson and all the other ne'er-do-weels who were voluntarily involved in the death and the cover up. It seems such a waste of effort, paper and stamps to spew out affirmations of receipt, when absolutely nothing is being done to keep people safe, don't you think?

This is the third Christmas since my father's death. It would have been his 86th birthday on January 25th.
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