The killing spree in Britain

GENERAL RELEASE - 11th March 2005 - this is of National public interest

What will the political parties do about this?

It seems to me likely, in view of the desperate attempts which my sister and I have had to make, and have had rebuffed, that a form of Medical Killing , on the same terms as the (Nazi) Medical Euthanasia Programme, is taking place in Britain, today.

Since our father, Ralph Winstanley, was killed, by those ‘close to him’ and health care professionals, and using other health care professionals to do the job, we have fought the authorities for more that ten months, to get a proper investigation of what happened to him.

In favour of the need for an investigation, we have full documentary evidence of what was done to him, which shows deliberate intent to kill.
http://ralphwinstanleyofwath.blogspot.co.uk This web site shows a great deal of information and contains the full Pathology Report. If more information is needed, please contact me: 0156 572 2738 - 07050 183 417 - charlottepetersrock@tiscali.co.uk
Holly House, Middlewich Road, Allostock, Knutsford, Cheshire. WA16 9JX

Ranged against us have been:

1 Two Primary Care Trusts - and a large number of doctors and other health professionals. (Doncaster East and Doncaster Central)
2 An entire Police Force (Two Chief Constables - one after the other)(South Yorkshire)
3 The Police Authority (South Yorkshire)
4 The Coroner (HM Coroner, Doncaster)
5 The General Medical Council
6 The Nursing and Midwifery Council
7 The Healthcare Commission
8 The Home Secretary
9 The Head of Constitutional Affairs
10 The Secretary of State for Health

All of these people/offices have so far refused to insist that a proper investigation is done into our father's killing. Where else can we turn, but to the public?

On the day when the first syringe driver was put into his leg, 6 days before he died, he was walking across a room, sitting on a low chair and getting up again, all completely unaided. He was able to eat and drink and swallow tablets. He was able to hold a sensible conversation, in spite of the morphine, and could recognise, by name, everybody who came into the room. He had indigestion, which he relieved by belching..

He was killed, at home, deliberately, when he was not close to death, nor was he dying, nor asking for help to die. His Pathology Report confirms this. (see web site above). He had indigestion, from trapped wind, because he was not eating properly, partly because of recent chemotherapy which was keeping his relatively benign Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia stable; and partly because of the morphine. Both of these predisposed him not to want to eat.
The method used to kill him was:

A morphine by mouth, (Oramorph), for 5 days - in theory to help him - with pain which he did not have - and stated that he did not have.
B whilst he was still in a befuddled state, with the morphine, he was also then injected, with Diamorphine and Haloperidol
C As these drugs began to work, he had the first syringe driver, with Diamorphine and Haloperidol, attached to his left thigh
D Within 24 hours he was also injected with Midazolam
E Also a second syringe driver, containing more Midazolam, was inserted into his right thigh.
F over a period of 6 days, through a heatwave, he was 'nursed' with no line in for either food or fluid.
G when my sister and I complained vociferously about this treatment, it was continued.
H following our absence to sleep, when we returned, we were refused admission to the room where he was still alive. A squad of nurses and two doctors, were doing something over a three hour period, and injecting him with Hyoscine Hydrobromide.
I After this, it seemed as if he was drowning from the inside. Where on earth can all this fluid have come from since he had no fluids during the April heatwave, from Sunday 18th April, until he died on Friday 23rd April 2004. He must surely have been extremely de-hydrated?
J It took him two hours to die, once the ‘Health Professionals' had left, by which time I had called out the Police.

My sister and I have now waded through lies, deception and obstruction, from the various agencies listed above, (and numerous others), over a ten month period, to get a proper investigation of our father's killing.

He died on 23rd April 2004.

This deliberate Medical Killing, and the complete refusal of all agencies to investigate what happened, shows that the (Nazi) Killing Programme has continued. Except it is now completed in front of the relatives. There is no longer any need to hide the evidence. It is known that no-one will investigate. They used starvation, dehydration, Morphine (Oramorph, Diamorphine) and Scopolomine (Hyoscine Hydrobromide - also called Scopolomine Hydrbromide). It was called, “wild euthanasia”. Is it still called that, I wonder? It was sanctioned by the authorities, under Hitler.

We are all growing older. We need to have trust in our own medical services.

We do also wonder about the potential Masonic - or other - links between these groups, who seem quite confident in refusing to act.

Charlotte Peters Rock - daughter of Ralph Winstanley
0156 572 2738 - 07050 183 417 - charlottepetersrock@tiscali.co.uk
Holly House, Middlewich Road, Allostock, Knutsford, Cheshire. WA16 9JX
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