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The two postings below, were made on the Patients Association web site, under Medical Records - in the Comments section.

They were on the site from the 4th January and the 8th January respectively.

On the 13th January they vanished. Wonder why?

Posted on Patients Association web site on 4th January 2005 - removed by them on 13th January 2005
Ralph Winstanley was not dying - nor asking to die More than eight months ago, my father, Ralph Winstanley, who was 83 years old, was lain down to die in his bed, mainlined, against his will, with Diamorphine, Haloperidol and Midazolam, using two syringe drivers. These had been prescribed over the telephone by a doctor who never saw him. This was done by National Health Service staff, through the April heatwave, with no line into him for either food nor fluid. The end result was that he died. It took 6 days. Yet he was initially no closer to death than anyone else of 83 years of age. This was not done accidentally. A steady stream of doctors and nurses were involved. The few medical records which we have managed to gain, had been extensively altered and were missing vital drugs forms. Doncaster East and Doncaster Central Primary Care Trusts have stonewalled ever since. They know that they can. They have our money to do it with. We are paying these human beings - who are walking all over us. What can we do to stop them? Charlotte Peters Rock (elder daughter) by - Charlotte Peters Rock- 04/01/2005

Posted on Patients Association web site on 8th January 2005 - removed by them on 13th January 2005
In respect of Ralph Winstanley's medical records:

I reproduce here the full content of a letter which I received this morning,

(8th January), from
Christine Boswell, Chief Executive, Doncaster East Primary Care Trust.
"Dear Mrs Peters Rock
Release of Medical Records relating to Ralph Winstanley.
I write with reference to your email dated 3rd January 2005 to myself and to colleagues at the Primary Care Trust, regarding access to Mr Winstanley's medical records. The coming into force of the Freedom of Information Act does not alter the position in respect of access to your fathers records. No further information will be disclosed. Freedom of Information relates to requests for information about public bodies and their services. It does not relate to requests for personal information. Personal information (eg medical or patient records) are exempt from FoI as this would contravene the Data Protection Act and the Access to Health Records Act. Access to a patient's medical records is therefore not allowed under FoI. Yours sincerely, Christine Boswell Chief Executive" (note above, the phrase, "no further information will be disclosed." So she agrees that information has been released.) This is in spite of the fact that it was agreed, by Jayne Brown, the previous Chief Executive, (since moved on to the Strategic Health Authority for North Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire, as DIRECTOR OF PERFORMANCE IMPROVEMENT. Please pardon the hollow laughter at this point.). In her letter of 10th June 2004, she stated, "Thank you for your application for the release of your late father's medical records. I note that the basis of your claim is that you are asserting that your father was unlawfully killed. I confirm this, being a claim arising from the death of your father, is a valid ground for an application for release of the records." Following this 'agreement' that I had a lawful 'claim', a mish-mash of inaccurate, altered, records with added forms and missing forms was released to me. I pointed out the deficiencies in the records, and asked that the missing forms should be copied to me, since they were a vital part of the records. This did not seem to suit either Simon Morritt, Chief Executive of Doncaster Central Primary Care Trust (since moved to West Yorkshire Health Authority, I hear), or Jayne Brown, Chief Executive of Doncaster East Primary Care Trust. To this day they have refused, in total contravention of the Access to Health Records Act 1990, to supply ACCURATE records. Either way, it seems to me that they are deliberately flouting the law; AND THEREBYE, PUTTING OTHER PEOPLE AT RISK Either I WAS entitled to copies of my father's medical records, in which case they should have been ACCURATE copies. Or I WAS NOT entitled to copies of my father's medical records, in which case they have acted outwith the Access to Health Records Act 1990, in that they DID supply copies (albeit inaccurate copies), to me. When such actions are taken, by those who are supposed to protect the interests of the patients whom they serve, should they be trusted? More to the point should they be paid at the rate of £90,000 to £100,000 per year, to work against the safety of patients? (by 'the safety of patients', I mean that what happened to my father COULD ALSO BE HAPPENING TO OTHER OLD, ILL AND OTHERWISE VULNERABLE PEOPLE. And these so-called public servants, have allowed more than eight months now, for this to happen. I certainly do not trust them.. and I feel I have good reason. More than that, they have eroded my trust in any other health professional and this I find unforgivable. Perhaps someone can inform me how I can get them brought to account for their actions?
Charlotte Peters Rock- 08/01/2005

I understand that The Patients Association is a small charity. Perhaps it is easily threatened then? In view of the difficulties which my sister and I have had, in connection with our father's death, how telling this is.
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