Oesophageal/Stomach Cancer ? Hardly!

The Pathology Report is in. After all these months, we know a few more answers.

To summarise, my father, Ralph Winstanley, had neither oesophageal nor stomach cancer.

His Chronic Lymphacytic Leukaemia had not metastased to a more acute form.. nor to anything else.It was still the relatively mild problem which he had had for some years.

Isn't that interesting? Doesn't it make you want to weep?

The utter murdering, thieving, liars, Nina Clayton, Rosemary Cheesman and Frazer Cheesman, together with Dr David J Brown, Dr Rachel S Sykes and Dr Gill Harding, really have a lot for which to answer. As do Dr Jonathan C Bundy, Dr Kevin Lee, and District Nursing Sister Julie Marshall. They are totally responsible - in one way or another - for killing my father, Ralph Winstanley. I will state now, that he would not have been dead if it were not for their deliberate actions.

So now South Yorkshire Police will rush to investigate his murder? No. It seems not.

Detective Superintendent Robert Haworth, stated to me last Friday,

it is South Yorkshire Police policy not to investigate a death, unless the Coroner asks it to.

Yet Home Office rules state that there are two people who can have a death investigated. One is the Coroner. The other is the Senior Police Officer for the area in which it took place

South Yorkshire Police Force has consistently refused to investigate my father's murder, whilst telling concerned outsiders that it has been investigated and nothing has been found to be wrong. This is police corruption. As far as I know, there is not other word which could describe it. This coprruption in respect of my father's murder, has been going on for 10 months, so far.

So where to we go from here? HM Coroner has been difficult to deal with (to put it at its politest), ever since my father was killed. I believe he - together with South Yorkshire Police - has some sort of vested interest in not having my father's murder investigated.

I also believe that, with so many people involved in his killing, a fair few others have a vested interest in my father's death; particularly since he seems to have been stripped of all he possessed, before he was killed. (And for those who do not know, my father held at least £2 million in trust, for his own family.)

We looked for help, my sister and I, when our father was being killed. We thought we lived in a civilised democracy. We thought that people were safe in their beds, and where there was a threat to that safety, we thought that we could rely on the Police, and the Health Authorities, and the Coroner.

We thought that there were other agencies set up to ensure that where things were going wrong, these public authorities would be brought back into line.

We thought a lot of things which we have since found out were totally untrue.

Glad to be British? No I'm ashamed.

However, I am certain that I will not stop pursuing this murder, until there is some form of justice. To all those who thought I would, You're wrong!

Charlotte Peters Rock
(Ralph Winstanleys saddened elder daughter)

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