Into Infinity with the Crooked, the Corrupt - and the Corpse which will not be released - yet

1 Perhaps Ralph might have found this poem amusing? Perhaps - under other circumstances - he might have written it?
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It seems as if we have quite a way to go, yet.

However, numerous bits of information are slotting into place.

I would like to thank the various people who have come forward to tell us just what was going on around my father, before his untimely death.

It makes unedifying reading but I am very grateful to you all for the information.

Such calculating killing is something which I never expected to come across. However, I expect no-one expects to be witness to a murder, do they?

For anyone who comes new to this information. I do understand that killing someone deliberately, when he was not close to death, ranks as murder.

Also, covering up a crime such as murder, is an offence under British Law.. and there seems to be quite a lot of that going on.

If you want more information, please ring me on 0156 572 2738. I will be pleased to talk to you. However, I only answer the phone when numbers are displayed on my phone display system, so please do not remove your number when dialing.

Now, about the 'lady' who lives four doors down. Who is she?

Sorry. Must go now. I'm busy with other things. Back soon.

Charlotte Peters Rock
Elder daughter of Ralph Winstanley
(Who will find a way to jail the people who killed him because, whether or not I got on with him, I do object to murder. Most strongly!)
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