An open letter to Brian and Mary Shields of Ringstead Stud

Dear Brian and Mary Shields,

Since my father, Ralph Winstanley, was used to staying with you over the New Year, I thought I would send you New Year wishes. I am not sure what they should be.

Are you aware that my father was not dying, but was put down at the behest of those supposedly 'nearest and dearest' to him?If so, are you happy about this?

You have gone completely quiet on this matter.But I understood that you were supposed to be my father's friends? Were you?

If so, does it matter that he should really have been alive to stay with you this year? Do you care that his life was cut short?

My father, Ralph Winstanley, cared little for his own family. I am his elder daughter. I have always felt that he would really have been better off without any children of his own; but there you are. We don't always get what we would like.

He certainly loved my mother and didn't want her to divorce him. She, you will be interested to know, has been without her maintenance money since the day that he died. This is something which I know he would not have wished, since he set up an account particularly to pay her each week, and was very upset when Nina Clayton closed it in 2000, putting it right at that time (though not since his death, of course).

Nina Clayton took great pleasure in writing to my sister (not, you will notice, my mother), to say it would be in abeyance. Brian Shields, I know, is (when that should be possible), an executor of my father's estate.

My father had four of us, with my mother, (his first wife), Nettie. Hardly a mistake, surely? Though he was never either kind or fatherly. But, at our ages, we can cope with that. There are always friends after all.

My sister was the only one who found a way to get on with him.. and even she had difficulties, because of Nina Clayton's nastiness, over many years.

But you were his friends. Or were you?

If it is of any interest to you to know, exactly what happened to my father, perhaps you would contact me? (0156 572 2738 or 07050 183 417)

The New Year of Ralph Winstanley's offspring, is a curious and messy business to look forward to.However, since we are all of one mind, perhaps I could tell you what this is? We object to the deliberate killing of an old man, who seemed to have outlived his usefulness. We will not settle, until the fraud and killing, which has taken place on my father, is resolved to our satisfaction.

If you have Nina Clayton as a guest, over the New Year, perhaps you would reflect on this? Perhaps you would also reflect on the fact that my father, still unburied, lies in a freezer in Sheffield?

He would have been 84 on the 25th January, 2005. Perhaps we will be allowed to bury him then?

I wish you a Happy and Reflective New Year. I wish my father a decent burial.. which would be more decency than he was allowed at his early death.

I will expect that both of you will speak as his friends at his inquest and at his funeral. My father had a great need of friends.. and a dearth of them at his death.

Yours sincerely,

Charlotte (elder daughter of Ralph Winstanley)
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