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Abide with me
Abide with me; fast falls the eventide;
The darkness deepens; Lord with me abide.
When other helpers fail and comforts flee,
Help of the helpless, O abide with me.
~ Henry Francis Lyle
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Smiles and eyes follow into dreams

Abide with me
(unauthorised version)
In memory of Ralph Winstanley

by Charlotte Peters Rock

His mother said - as she was getting on
Abide with me Lord I will soon be gone
Take me I pray and you will set me free
Give me release in you Abide with me

He found himself he wanted nothing more
Be in his way and you’d be shown the door
I know this true He walked all over me
Til it was hard to say Abide with me

Each funeral time he went - to give him due
Ever the same song sung to see it through
Be not afraid for surely you can see
For him I changed the song Abide with me

Let not his friends if they were friends at all
If they were friends why did they let him fall?
Let not his friends whose surface I can see
Let not his friends enjoin Abide with me

No Christians they - nor was his ‘wife’ so-called
Less Christian folk you’d not find in the world
Their charity - no one could disagree
Frozen - forgot to say Abide with me

His doctor said I soon must go away
I’ll show ‘clean heels’ He’s ‘terminal’ I say
Nurse him to death He’s old as you can see
No food nor fluids please Just let him be

Sunday 'wife' said He’s dying I can tell
Terminally he is not very well
Dreadfully sick and coughing blood you see
Heart-failed and anxious, oh please set me free

He was quite calm He walked in spite of her
Swallowed and talked He drank and coughed quite clear
Willing to live - His chemotherapy
Never once mentioned in this death decree

Each Christmas time 'wife' pushed her family
Before he died her daughter Rosemary
Looked for black toes - as black as black could be
Quite fascinated by morbidity

Rosie still tried tried to 'help him out' as well
He’s always ‘reaching’ (sic) but I will not dwell
Tries to be sick My mum and I agree
Not indigestion It’s malignancy

'Family Fun' - to find the Pharmacy
Bringing the drugs to 'help Ralph out' you see
Frazer made sure - as Nina's family
he fetched the drugs for Ralph's 'malignancy'

They drugged him up from drug to drug he went
No overdose they said nor bad intent
His pressure point was black as black could be
His bedding stank Each nurse ignored my plea

His notes were changed The District Nurse made sure
Safe in her hands in death he had his cure
Great play was made in new notes as we see
Of careful nursing skill I don’t agree

Lorna made sure - in three nights she took care
Ralph was in safe hands Notes were very clear
More than the rest - she cared and we could see
She came to help and say Abide with me

(Lorna was true humanity. Such obvious care should be recognised.
To my sister and I, she was a 'bright light' in a 'dreadfully dark night'.)

‘Wife’ shod the horse three days before he died
To lead his funeral in premedicide
Determined she - a widow she would be
She drank a toast to death and laughed in glee

Why did he die? - an old man this is true
Who pushed him out? - please tell me tell me who
'Wife' saw him off - the Health Authority
And Dr Brown said Don’t abide with me

What do I say It’s murder thus I say
This man was murdered, I won’t go away
We tried to stop - they would not let him be

They said You’re off You can’t abide with me

I would not see my father die this way
I’d not be here to tell you this today
No man deserves to be put down I see
Trust not the ‘bike’ who says Abide with me

Fend for yourself Police won’t keep you safe
More than my father was safe from his ‘wife’
Justice is lame whilst murders are free
And facts are hid by Jayne Brown OBE

Two Primary Care Trusts - Morritt in the lead
Hid evidence and covered murderous deed
Trust not your life nor if you dying be
Trust not the Trusts who say Abide with me

Stripped by the ones who took his cash and ran
Turned back to take each ha’penny from that man
He stood no chance Solicitors with glee
And then Accountants cried Abide with me

His mother died She tried her whole long life
She would be shocked that he had such as ‘wife’
He chose his path no-one can disagree
He chose to say Please don’t Abide with me

Abide with him - if Grandma’s Lord’s still there
Certain she was - and she had Lord to spare
I’ll help myself for certainly I see
Welcoming friends will come abide with me

Abide with them Fast falls their eventide
Their darkness deepens Lord with them abide
When other helpers failed and comforts fled
Help of the helpless Lord They left him dead

(The information above, is absolutely as factually accurate as I can make it. Nothing is gained by prevarication - only by the truth. The song, taking factual truths, is my own opinion. This is something to which I am legally entitled, even in this slitheringly undemocratic country of England)


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