Cruising to where?

The interesting thing about the lovely Nina being away on her cruise, as various people have told me, is that she is using the money which should go to my mother.

She is stealing the money - as far as I can see - which my father had set aside for my mother's upkeep. My mother put up with my father's consorting with prostitutes and others, until it became no longer bearable. She thought a lot about my father, but there were limits.

Her divorce settlement has been in abeyance since the day that my father was killed. (23rd April 2004)

Nina Clayton, who never wanted my father's name, took his money and is currently using it - so I'm told - to take herself and Jill Ward, on a cruise. This is a most laudible achievement, for a low life. But it is hardly the sort of thing which could be expected of a genuinely grieving widow whose husband is, as yet, unburied. I understand that she might have taken several unsubtle wigs with her, which might show her in a light rather more becoming than her present shortage of hair.

However, there is still the problem of what Nettie Marguerite Winstanley is supposed to live on.

It is becoming apparent that she will need to take some of Grange Farm, which is a property which Ralph Winstanley paid for.

It is a pity that this will be the case, but after all she did put up with his philandering with a multitude of women, before finally throwing in the towel, and giving him away, to his current whatever-she-was. I am aware that he never wanted to re-marry because he said so. Perhaps this was because of the company he was keeping? I do not know.

But he took me to one side, before my mother divorced him and said he didn't want her to divorce him.

When I heard he was to be married again, I went to see him. I said I was happy for him. I thought he had found his match. However, he wasn't happy. He said he didn't want to be married to her. Yet he finally seems to have married. I wonder why? What sort of imperative would there be?

It seems I might have been right, about him finding his match. I would rather not have been. It gives me no pleasure.

My father should have been alive now. He has been dead for 7 months.

There is still no Pathology Report. There is still no burial.

He still lies, so I'm told, in the Medico Legal Centre in Sheffield; where I understand Dr Shipman also lies.

My mother has not been paid her alimony since the 23rd April, 2004. That is the day when my father died. Nina Clayton is - so I am told - cruising.

However, she cannot cruise forever.

Charlotte Peters Rock
(Elder daughter of Ralph Winstanley)
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