So who's hiding what?..And why?

It is now around 6 months since the unlawful killing of my father, Ralph Winstanley.

He was 83 years old. He was not dying.. well no more than most people of 83 years old are dying.

He was lain down to die in the April heatwave, with two syringe drivers delivering a cocktail of Morphine. His 'wife', (Nina Anne Clayton, 69), said his heart was failing, yet it took them all 6 days to kill him. She also claimed, with the back-up of her younger daughter, Rosemary, that he was being terribly sick and was fetching up blood. This was completely untrue, but coincided very nicely with the lies which were being propogated by Dr David J Brown. Oesophageal and stomach cancers do produce vomiting with blood. Isn't that curious.?

COMMENT: Must have had a pretty strong heart then, to last out for 6 days, with no food nor fluid - and a cocktail of drugs, none of which was meant to keep him alive.

His doctor, (Dr David J Brown of Field Road Surgery, Stainforth) - for want of a better word - stated, in writing, (28th May, 2004, to Jonathon Goodwin of solicitors, Bridge Sanderson Munro, who was responsible for the fiasco which is my father's 'will'), that his chest and epigastric pain was,

"found to be due to cancer growing around his lower oesophagus and stomach."

As yet, there is still only proof that my father didn't have oesophageal/stomach cancer. That proof is from Doncaster Royal Infirmary, from biopsy results. There is still no pathology report.

COMMENT: Now why would a GP be writing such 'porkies' to a solicitor? Makes you wonder, doesn't it? Did he write to the solicitor because the solicitor was heart-broken and was a good friend of his? Or was it a business arrangement? Certainly I do not know. No-one will tell me.

South Yorkshire Police Force has stated variously, that they would not investigate his unlawful killing unless the Coroner asked them to and that they had already investigated - and found no reason to suppose that it was an unlawful killing. No-one approached my younger sister, who was at our father's bedside for most of the last 6 days of his life. Nor, for that matter, did they approach either my son or my sister's daughter. So what sort of investigation did they do?

COMMENT: Do we really pay these people money? What for? Subterfuge? Inane inaction? Or perhaps it is that being all-seeing beings they can all-seeingly see beyond the other beings into the criminal heart - and expunge its tendencies? What do you think? I think a few people should be in jail.

Doncaster East and Doncaster Central Primary Care Trusts, in the persons of Simon Morritt, (Chief Executive Doncaster Central), Mrs Elizabeth Hedge, (Complaints Manager, both Trusts), Mrs Jayne Brown, (Former Chief Executive, Doncaster East), Dr David J Brown (Caldicott Guardian, Doncaster East, (the one paid to sit on the Medical Records) - and who also appears above), have stopped access to my father's full medical record. They have also, jointly stopped access to parts of the file which it has been agreed, (by them), I am entitled to. The miniscule quantity of medical history which I was given, was presented in a totally mixed-up manner and had pages altered, pages missing and pages added. How does this constitute a 'record' of anything? And, more to the point, where is the rest of it?

COMMENT: It seems to me that The Human Rights Act 1998,The Freedom of Information Act 2000, The Data Protection Act 1998, The Access to Health Records Act 1990 are a total sham; made to appear enlightening but actually to act as Big Brother over our lives. The actions of these people are an utter disgrace. (It's just as if we've been invaded by a foreign army, brought in to keep us down. This 'army' has no need to shoot. It just blocks access in every direction. Fait accompli.

HM Coroner Doncaster, Mr ES Hooper, seems not to be acting; in spite of having enough written evidence put before him to jail several people. He does not reply to letters. He was sending copies of letters, which he wrote to me, (were my letters to him also being passed on? I do not know.) to all sorts of people. People such as litigation solicitors, Frank Allen Pennington, (in the person of Martin Pennington), will-holding solicitors, Bridge Sanderson Munro, (in the person of Mr Jonathon Goodwin), Richard Walker, Funeral Directors, (in the person of Mr Richard Walker). Now why would he do that?

COMMENT: Could it be that they are all good friends? Perhaps it is that they are all Freemasons? I wonder if that is the case?

FURTHER COMMENT: I wonder how many of the people who are blocking the information which my family needs, to jail the people responsible for our father's death, are Freemasons? *(see below)

Certainly this secretive group is known to exist within the Judiciary, within the police, within the legal system generally, within other professional groups such as doctors, and executives.

Should these people (any or all of them), be Freemasons, what sort of Justice can we expect to gain in respect of our father's unlawful killing?

Secretive groups skew justice to the point where it cannot be claimed to exist at all. Why is it accepted that membership of such groups does not need to be admitted to?

Are such groups so strong that they override all democracy and fairness?

*If you are a Freemason, do you declare it? If not, why not? If any of the people who are currently blocking access to justice for my father, Ralph Winstanley, happen to be Freemasons, perhaps they'd contact me and say so. Equally, if any are not Freemasons, perhaps they would also like to contact me and say so. I would be more than happy to put the information up on this site.

Your comments would be very much appreciated.

As are the comments appended to the posting of 7th August, which is called Perhaps he was in the way?

You will notice that the nastiest comments are those of Anonymous. I always find anonymous comment interesting, don't you? Now who would be sending such comment?

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