Spreading the truth in Doncaster

Why did they get rid of me?
Well, that's an interesting question. How long's a length of string?

I knew what I was getting into. It was what I wanted. Sex on tap. She was famous round here. Dear Herbert letter. Daughters. Rows of 'em. Absolute rows of 'em.

It all began when she married im. Droppin sprogs any day. Both died. One later than the other. Not so much as an eadstone. Nuthin.

Then there was the 'Dear Herbert' letter, (about which, more later). Noboddy much. Whiskery old fool.
In case you wonder, my father Ralph Winstanley is still dead. South Yorkshire Police Force (for want of a better word), still will not investigate his death. We are still making attemps to get my father's full medical, financial and other records. The one thing which is done in Doncaster is 'wall-building'. The 'walls' built by Doncaster Central and Doncaster East Primary Care Trusts, might be a bit shaky but still they stand. Though I would advise Simon Morritt - and his cohorts - not to stand too close to the other side, as the 'walls' will be coming down - and I'd hate to see him squashed, like a beetle, when they fall.

Here over the next few postings, you will find comments about:
his litigation solicitors - Frank Allen Pennington - who are so committed they are still litigating furiously, after his death, (Without pay? Don't be silly!),
about the policeman, who lived close by,
about the 'friends' - and I use that term extremely loosely, (which seems approproiate in this case),
about the prostitute,
about the daughter,
about the 'deadhead'.
Here you will find comment which, had he been alive - as he should have been, he could have made for himself.
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