Hello again,

Nice to see you all. My father is still in a freezer in Sheffield..as far as I know. There is still no Pathology Report. Still no resumed inquest, nor - so far - criminal trial. Though there does need to be.

I have been communicating with the police.. if communicating is the right word to use.

Thought you'd be interested to see how the Horse of British Justice neighs.

PS the mention of passport, (below), is in relation to the fact that they have been made aware that there is also a serious fraud issue here.. possibly of millions of pounds.. but certainly connected, tightly, to my father's death.

Quotes from the senior Police Officers of South Yorkshire, printed below, seem to show the prevalence of a general inertia, in the matter of investigating the unlawful death of my father Ralph Winstanley.

This from the 'Officer in Charge of the "Investigation"':
Once the Coroner receives Professor Whitwell's report he will decide whether he should invite the police to make any further investigations on his behalf. At the moment no other investigation is underway and it would not be appropriate to mount any ancillary investigation until the Coroner has been able to review the diagnosis, care, treatment and death of your father.

In terms of
(the person's) passport, the police have no reason or power to take any course of action that would involve any attempt to seize (the person's) passport. I hope this will suffice until such time as we receive further information from Mr Hooper.

from Detective Superintendent Robert Haworth of South Yorkshire Police on 14th July 2004

And from his superior, 'The Chief Of All Detectives':
Further to your email of 14th July to the Chief Constable, I am aware that Det. Supt. Haworth has already responded to your email, and as he quite rightly points out, we await Professor Whitwell's report prior to any further investigations being instigated. I am satisfied that this is the appropriate course of action and can assure you that when the time comes,any further investigations, if appropriate, will be acted upon diligently and expediently.
In relation to your suggestion that
(the person's) passport should be seized, I am pleased to be able to inform you that Det. Supt. Haworth has also given you the appropriate advice in this respect.

from Detective Chief Superintendent John Hudson on 15th July 2004 - before his quiet retirement.

Back to his subordinate, the Officer in Charge of The "Investigation"

I will continue to seek updates. I can advise you that I am not enquiring into the state of your late fathers bank accounts.
(note the lack of pro-activity in these comments. CPR)
from Detective Superintendent Robert Haworth of South Yorkshire Police on 6th August 2004

And from an Assistant Chief Constable:
It is my understanding that you have had a meeting,
(a meeting which I called for because the police were doing nothing. CPR),
with Superintendent Rob Haworth who set out both verbally and in writing the investigative position of South Yorkshire Police in respect of this matter. I believe that prior to his retirement, Chief Superintendent John Hudson also wrote to you confirming our position. The body of your father and the circumstances of his death currently fall under the jurisdiction HM Coroner, Mr Hooper. Until the full post mortem and toxicology reports are known, he will not be in a position to inform whether, in his opinion, the cause of death was natural or otherwise. As you are aware the results of all of the reports requested by Mr Hooper will not be known until mid September. In the interim all linked enquiries (More about these 'linked enquiries, lower down. CPR) have been made and, at this moment there are no obvious signs of criminality.
Until we are advised to the contrary by Mr Hooper, we are unable to take any further action in respect of this case
from: Assistant Chief Constable Ian Daines of South Yorkshire Police on 24th August 2004.

(He is responsible for sending out replies to various people who wrote enquiring as to why Ralph Winstanley's death was not being investigated. The main content of one of these replies is below.)

Please be assured that the death of Mr Winstanley is being investigated by South Yorkshire Police and his family are being kept informed of progress of the case..
(..which is news to me.. and in view of the statements above and the fact that my sister has not once been approached by the Police..in respect of their 'linked enquiries'.. and she was with my father, as I was, for most of the last 6 days and nights of his life, I would have my doubts about the thoroughness or even the actuality of the investigation. CPR)
from Adrian Fox, Assistant Staff Officer, South Yorkshire Police, on behalf of his superior, Assistant Chief Constable Ian Daines

A good friend of ours, formerly a Manchester solicitor, is now The Public Solicitor in a Commonwealth Country. This is his opinion.

..there is no way that the Police have to wait for the coroner to tell them to investigate a suspected murder case. If that were the case most murder cases would never be solved as Coroners always take months to do their job and the evidence would have disappeared.

A senior employee of South Yorkshire Police Authority wrote:
Dear Madam,

I am writing to acknowlege your email below. Would you also please regard this as an acknowledgement also from my colleagues Shaun Mirfield and Jackie Lacock.

I am also copying this to Assistant Chief Constable Daines, so if he has not received your email direct he will see this copy.

As I said in my letter to you of 8 June - I am enclosing a copy in case you did not receive it - this is matter for the police to deal with and in not a matter in which the Police Authority, nor its Chairman, has any authority. I would recommend that you address your correspondence to Assistant Chief Constable Daines alone.
from: Stuart Lunn, South Yorkshire Police Authority

From: Charlotte Peters Rock [mailto:ralphwinstanley@yahoo.co.uk]

Sent: 01 September 2004 13:38To: Lunn Stuart; etc
Subject: RE: Ralph Winstanley - deceased 23rd April 2004
Dear Mr Lunn,

It might have escaped your notice but one of the words under which you labour is "Authority". So far as I am aware, this signifies that the Police Authority for South Yorkshire has authority over the police of South Yorkshire. If it does not, then how does it justify its existence?

I am enclosing a copy of some of the written comments which I have received from the various levels of South Yorkshire Police. Your Police Authority should be interested in both these and in the comment from a high ranking solicitor, which is reproduced below them.

And now I have your comments to add.

Perhaps you could enlighten me as to exactly what your role is; and also about the role of South Yorkshire Police Authority?

Charlotte Peters Rock

(He has not yet replied).
From: Charlotte Peters Rock [mailto:ralphwinstanley@yahoo.co.uk]
Sent: 27 August 2004 17:02To: Ian.Daines@southyorks.pnn.police.uk; & CCs to others
Subject: Ralph Winstanley - deceased 23rd April 2004
Dear Assistant Chief Constable Daines,

I am writing to you in respect of your email of the 24th August and the conversation which we had on the following day.

I can confirm that Detective Superintendent Robert Haworth has stated to me that the position of South Yorkshire Police is one of waiting to see if the Coroner will ask it to investigate what happened to my father. And that should the Coroner not ask the police to investigate, then the police will do nothing.

So that there can be no room for doubt, I wish to have my understanding of the conversation which I had with you, confirmed.

It was my understanding that you said that South Yorkshire Police had made an 'investigation' of my father's death and that you stated that you were

'satisfied that no criminal activity had taken place'.

If that is correct, perhaps you would confirm it?

I also seem to remember that you also repeated the oft stated line that South Yorkshire Police cannot investigate a murder, without the request of the Coroner.

Also, perhaps you could inform me exactly what investigations you or your officers have made into my father's death?

Did you - or they - make any use at all of the large amount of documentary evidence which my sister, my brother and I have taken the trouble to make sure were copied to you?

If so, which were used in the investigation which you say you have made?

Have you called for the Full Medical History or taken any account of his latter Medical history?

Obviously, to be 'satisfied' you would need to have made some sort of adequate - and unbiased - investigation. As a member of the public, I wish to assure myself that the interests of the public are being served.

As you are now aware, there is a genuine public interest in this matter, in that other members of the general public are equally vulnerable to the 'small difficulty' which my father faced, and which my sister and I also faced. You are aware that this 'small difficulty' resulted in his death. Otherwise, he might have been writing to you instead of my feeling the need to.

Once I know exactly what has been investigated, I will then be in a better position to help the police further, in supplying more documentary evidence, as it comes to hand.. should there be any point to taking such trouble.

Should I not receive any reply to this email, then I will feel free to interpret that lack of reply as I choose.. and will most certainly take it further.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Charlotte Peters Rock
(He has not yet replied)
So does that make you feel safer in your bed?
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