Update - 10th August 2004

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Update - 10th August?

Well, this is likely to be a bit of a non-event.
My father, Ralph Winstanley, is still dead. He still lies in a freezer in Sheffield..waiting.

re: Doncaster Central Primary Care Trust
Doncaster East Primary Care Trust

I am getting letters from the lovely Trusts, (wonder what that word means?), by most posts, saying such sparkling things as,

Go away, I won't deal with you. Go on. Push off.

This is a slight paraphrase, but was said to me, in three separate letters, (with three separate envelopes and three separate stamps), by one Simon Morritt, Chief Executive of Doncaster Central Primary Care Trust, (and 'Lead Role' on the uncase of my father, Ralph Winstanley's death.) on the same day, 5th August. I think he just copied the words from one letter to the other. It really is not good enough. After an unnecessary death, the least I would expect of a man who 'earns' in excess of £100,000 year, is a modicum of inventiveness. My goodness, at this rate a machine could do the job.. now there's an idea.
nice picture of him here (Not much of him mind. He's dodging about at the back, with the also-mentioned Dr Kevin Lee)
UPDATE ON 'nice picture of him here': They seem, for some unaccountable reason, to have removed the picture from Doncaster Central Primary Care Trust Web site. Well! That is a blow! However, they seem to have stood the dear little fellow on a box, so he can be seen.
You will now find him here

So, that's the only Update I can give on dealings with the Primary Care Trusts of Doncaster. Well, except that Mrs Jayne Brown, has gone on to fresh fields and cliches new as 'Director of Performance Improvement' at York-based North and East Yorkshire and North Linclonshire Strategic Health Authority Sad, isn't it?

What dreadful thing did I do, to deserve this? I pointed out one or two flaws in their system.

Also, I asked for a copy of my father's full Medical Record.. which these two Trusts are denying me. Something extremely nasty happened to my father. It seems to go back several years. The trusts are fully aware of the detail. They are blocking access.

They - and their Caldicott Guardian, a Doctor David Brown - see here - (wonder if it's the same Dr David Brown who was father's GP? They both seem to be from Stainforth Surgery. Surely not!) seem to think I cannot represent my father's family interests. They think I will go away. They are wrong.

South Yorkshire Police

Again, an Update is difficult. South Yorkshire Police still will not investigate the death of my father, even though two policemen were on the premises when he died. How long has it been now? Well, add it up for yourself. He died on the 23rd April 2004. It is 10th August, 2004, today.

However, I have been trying to get something done. I have written to a range of South Yorkshire Police, to the South Yorkshire Police Authority, which does not seem to have the authority to insist that anything is done, to The Police Complaints Authority, which sounds promising.

I have also written to the Home Secretary, three times. Letters are coming back...

But still no investigation is under way. Words like 'reprehensible' and 'disgraceful' and 'deriliction of duty' keep drifting through my head. Not sure why.

Very shortly I expect they think that I will turn into sweet-mild-mannered-white-haired-old-lady - and go away. Tough. If that is what anyone thinks, they should realise that it's not likely to happen.

Please be reassured, that I am still not Ralph Winstanley.

Ralph Winstanley is dead. I am his very angry elder daughter, Charlotte.

See ya soon.

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