Still they will not let us see

UPDATE 1st August 2004

Doncaster East and Doncaster Central Primary Care Trusts, still will not allow Linda Kirby and Charlotte Peters Rock have copies of their father's medical records.

Ralph Winstanley was put down to die in April this year. He is still not buried. He died at Grange Farm, Moss, Doncaster. He had help from both Primary Care Trusts.

When his daughters queried the fact that the Clinical Notes File, written up and kept at Grange Farm, Pinfold Lane, Moss, Doncaster, had been extensively altered, the man who had just taken on 'Lead Role' in the case, Simon Morrit, Chief Executive, Doncaster Central Primary Care Trust, began to make a decision.

His decision seems to have been that he would not speak to women who queried the veracity of the Clinical Notes File. He seems to think that that is his job - 'sending people to Coventry'. We do not need to go to Coventry. Coventry would not be close enough to Doncaster. Doncaster is the place where this man has made such a peculiar decision. Why has he made this decision? Could it be that he has something to hide? Perhaps he is guarding someone else's back?

How can we tell.? He has an email address at simon.morritt@doncastercentralpct.nhs.uk Perhaps if anyone could find out, and let me know, ralphwinstanley@yahoo.co.uk we could overcome the problem. I can no longer visit his building, write to him by letter, email or fax. Nor can I telephone him. Such a pity. Such a nice little man!

Why, for that matter, has Jayne Brown, Chief Executive of Doncaster East Primary Care Trust, relinquished her 'Lead Role' to Simon Morritt, whilst refusing to give access to Ralph Winstanley's Medical Records? Could it be that she has something to hide?

Did she only relinquish her 'Lead Role' because of her recent honour, (OBE) or because she is moving to 'a Strategic Health Authority near York'? Is it that she just didn't have the time to deal with death, in her rush up the ladder?

What a pity. As Ralph Winstanley's daughters, we seem to have no choice but to deal with death. My sister Linda and I were so concerned about the manner of our father's death, that we have dealt with little else, for over three months now.

Still I haven't been banned from writing to her, well not so far as I know, so perhaps I'll send her an email at jayne.brown@doncastereastpct.nhs.uk and ask if she has changed her mind yet. If 'Lead Role' is to be passed round like a relay baton, it is useful to know that the next 'runner' is not a butterfingers, don't you think?

Whilst everyone seems to be going away on holiday, here we are, working towards a just conclusion. Pity that South Yorkshire Police Force felt unable to join us. But there, perhaps they're all on holiday?

This work is made the harder because of the intransigence of paid servants of the two Primary Care Trusts.

Having been banned from the Primary Care Trusts premises; and from writing to Simon Morritt, by letter, by email, by fax; and also banned from telephoning him; a small but perfectly-formed picture is beginning to emerge.

It looks like an ostrich. It hasn't got a head. No, it's neck leads into the ground. Ah yes, now I have it. It's head is buried in the ground. No, wait. It isn't an ostrich after all. It seems to be wearing a suit. It bears a badge. I wonder what the badge says? Ah, yes. Something about 'Lead Role'.

I didn't know that Primary Care Trusts issued badges. I wonder if they have one which says, 'OBE - too busy climbing'?

It's so good that intentions are marked. I do worry about that badge though. What does 'Lead Role' mean?

Answers on a postcard please.

Charlotte (Daughter of the Departed)

PS Ralph Winstanley is still dead. He does not lie easy. He is waiting for justice. It seems to be a long wait.)

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