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Abide with me
Abide with me; fast falls the eventide;
The darkness deepens; Lord with me abide.
When other helpers fail and comforts flee,
Help of the helpless, O abide with me.
~ Henry Francis Lyle
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Smiles and eyes follow into dreams

Abide with me
(unauthorised version)
In memory of Ralph Winstanley

by Charlotte Peters Rock

His mother said - as she was getting on
Abide with me Lord I will soon be gone
Take me I pray and you will set me free
Give me release in you Abide with me

He found himself he wanted nothing more
Be in his way and you’d be shown the door
I know this true He walked all over me
Til it was hard to say Abide with me

Each funeral time he went - to give him due
Ever the same song sung to see it through
Be not afraid for surely you can see
For him I changed the song Abide with me

Let not his friends if they were friends at all
If they were friends why did they let him fall?
Let not his friends whose surface I can see
Let not his friends enjoin Abide with me

No Christians they - nor was his ‘wife’ so-called
Less Christian folk you’d not find in the world
Their charity - no one could disagree
Frozen - forgot to say Abide with me

His doctor said I soon must go away
I’ll show ‘clean heels’ He’s ‘terminal’ I say
Nurse him to death He’s old as you can see
No food nor fluids please Just let him be

Sunday 'wife' said He’s dying I can tell
Terminally he is not very well
Dreadfully sick and coughing blood you see
Heart-failed and anxious, oh please set me free

He was quite calm He walked in spite of her
Swallowed and talked He drank and coughed quite clear
Willing to live - His chemotherapy
Never once mentioned in this death decree

Each Christmas time 'wife' pushed her family
Before he died her daughter Rosemary
Looked for black toes - as black as black could be
Quite fascinated by morbidity

Rosie still tried tried to 'help him out' as well
He’s always ‘reaching’ (sic) but I will not dwell
Tries to be sick My mum and I agree
Not indigestion It’s malignancy

'Family Fun' - to find the Pharmacy
Bringing the drugs to 'help Ralph out' you see
Frazer made sure - as Nina's family
he fetched the drugs for Ralph's 'malignancy'

They drugged him up from drug to drug he went
No overdose they said nor bad intent
His pressure point was black as black could be
His bedding stank Each nurse ignored my plea

His notes were changed The District Nurse made sure
Safe in her hands in death he had his cure
Great play was made in new notes as we see
Of careful nursing skill I don’t agree

Lorna made sure - in three nights she took care
Ralph was in safe hands Notes were very clear
More than the rest - she cared and we could see
She came to help and say Abide with me

(Lorna was true humanity. Such obvious care should be recognised.
To my sister and I, she was a 'bright light' in a 'dreadfully dark night'.)

‘Wife’ shod the horse three days before he died
To lead his funeral in premedicide
Determined she - a widow she would be
She drank a toast to death and laughed in glee

Why did he die? - an old man this is true
Who pushed him out? - please tell me tell me who
'Wife' saw him off - the Health Authority
And Dr Brown said Don’t abide with me

What do I say It’s murder thus I say
This man was murdered, I won’t go away
We tried to stop - they would not let him be

They said You’re off You can’t abide with me

I would not see my father die this way
I’d not be here to tell you this today
No man deserves to be put down I see
Trust not the ‘bike’ who says Abide with me

Fend for yourself Police won’t keep you safe
More than my father was safe from his ‘wife’
Justice is lame whilst murders are free
And facts are hid by Jayne Brown OBE

Two Primary Care Trusts - Morritt in the lead
Hid evidence and covered murderous deed
Trust not your life nor if you dying be
Trust not the Trusts who say Abide with me

Stripped by the ones who took his cash and ran
Turned back to take each ha’penny from that man
He stood no chance Solicitors with glee
And then Accountants cried Abide with me

His mother died She tried her whole long life
She would be shocked that he had such as ‘wife’
He chose his path no-one can disagree
He chose to say Please don’t Abide with me

Abide with him - if Grandma’s Lord’s still there
Certain she was - and she had Lord to spare
I’ll help myself for certainly I see
Welcoming friends will come abide with me

Abide with them Fast falls their eventide
Their darkness deepens Lord with them abide
When other helpers failed and comforts fled
Help of the helpless Lord They left him dead

(The information above, is absolutely as factually accurate as I can make it. Nothing is gained by prevarication - only by the truth. The song, taking factual truths, is my own opinion. This is something to which I am legally entitled, even in this slitheringly undemocratic country of England)


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RalphWinstanley said...

RalphWinstanley said...
Of course I am not Ralph Winstanley. He is dead. he died on Friday afternoon 23rd April, 2004, whilst the South Yorkshire Police were represented at the house by an Acting Sergeant and a WPC, and poor deluded Ralph Winstanley was still vainly struggling to live.

Between them, these two elevated members of our 'finest', managed to allow the Clinical Notes File, of my father, to go back to the Doctor's Surgery which I had complained of. Whilst there, the File was extensively altered, by Sister Marshall. Isn't that interesting?

UPDATE 17Jul2004
South Yorkshire Police Force is still doing nothing to apprehend my father's murderers.

Meanwhile, Doncaster East and Doncaster Central Primary Care Trusts are still prevaricating. Simon Morritt has now banned me from the Primary Care Trust property, banned me from writing to him by post, banned me from writing to him by fax, banned me from writing to him by email? Oh and he has also banned me from phoning him. So, I'm trying ESP, Smoke Signals and the Internet. A Blog a day helps you write and 'make hay'.
Whatever have I done to the poor little man?

Well, I did point out how remarkably easy it still is to have someone killed because anyone could drive a largish tank through the Primary Care Trusts' 'safety for the elderly and otherwise infirm' System.

Some misunderstanding, surely? Perhaps he meant to praise me and award a gong, such as that awarded to Margaret Jayne Brown, Chief Executive of Doncaster East Primary Care Trust. She got an OBE for..for what?

Oh, yes, and she's moving on to pastures new (and rich?), in August. Going to York, so I hear.Helping an even more exalted Trust. Congratulations dearie. Couldn't have happened at a better time. Full marks for prevarication. Please accept a tick and a star.

And dear Little Morritt. Well, he bravely stepped in and manfully took over 'Lead Role'. So that was pretty exciting. Did he get more mazuma for it? Word has it that he did it out of the goodness of his heart. Because he's such a nice chap. So that's alright.

I must say, I have never seen such effective sitting on hands as South Yorkshire Police are currently doing. Perhaps I might begin to award gongs of my own? The Brave Lads and Lasses of SYPF certainly seem to warrant it.

What would 12 solid weeks of sitting on hands warrant? The Grand Order of Inertia? The Attenuated Cross of Nihilism? The Great Award for Petty Trifles? Ah, there must be something appropriate..surely?
Answers on an e-card, please.
PS: This site will be well worth following during the next few weeks/months. I shall be naming names. Perhaps yours?

WildWindflower said...

Are you saying democracy isn't working? Well Communism doesn't work. So where do we go from here?

Did your father really get killed?

I mean, its ok to tell stories but surely that's not true, is it?

RalphWinstanley said...

True. I'm sorry to say, it's very true. I only wish it wasn't

The only thing I have on my side is the truth. Oh, and two brothers and a sister - and numerous people of great goodwill, whom I am happy to count as friends.

"Tell the Truth and shame the devil", my Grandma used to say.

So, here I am, telling the truth. Is the Devil shamed?

Have you seen him recently? Does he look shamed?

If not, perhaps you'd better tell him what I'm saying about him. Perhaps then he might be a bit shame-faced?

I know that's not the same as actually 'shamed', but perhaps it's the best we can do?

After all, there seem to be so many 'devils'mixed in this rather fetid pot. Perhaps if we only concentrated on some of them. But which are the more important?

There are 'the-devils-who-killed-him',
(perhaps the-devils-who-had-him-killed, as well?), the 'devils-who-didn't-care-what-was-happening',

There are so many.Anyone know which devil I should aim at first?

Must go. I hear the tapping of a toasting fork.

RalphWinstanley said...

18Jul2004 - Sunday afternoon, at teatime (I've just had potted meat. It brings back memories of Christmas tea parties at the Methodist hut - during the rationing.)


I'm acting for my father again. Well, his typing was never up to much, and under the circumstances..

I need to tell you that he lived with a woman called Nina Anne Clayton. Wouldn't want her to feel left out now, would we?

Possibly she was not the widow, of Ralph Winstanley. A letter from the Registrar in Antigua, states that she 'married' Ralph Winstanley in 1978.

Curious this as she was not finally divorced from her husband, Herbert, until 1980.

Perhaps the Registrar was wrong? How can I tell? He was the Registrar, after all? Time will tell.

Now Nina Anne Clayton is quite exalted in the Welsh Pony judging world. Her pony Rees, which was specially shod for the funeral, three days before my father died, was I understand, a Welsh Pony. Well, so I was told. Just looked like 'a pony' to me. But it was goats that

Anyway, Nina's judging jobs are so important that even my father's chemotherapy and the general illness which it caused in him, was not enough to stop her going judging. She even has to go now, whilst we all wait for the outcome of the Post Mortem and the Pathologist's Report. Such a brave woman.

It must be nice to be so greatly needed.

However, it is all playing havoc with her hair. In under a month it turned from 'sort of gingery' to 'grieving widow grey', then blonde, (or have I got that the wrong way round?) and then it turned dark brownish. So perhaps she might be recovering from her upset? I do hope so.

Now Nina has this wonderful younger daughter called Rosemary, who is fascinated by the way that people's fingernails and toenails turn black just before they die. I know this because she told me and my sister.

We had noticed her constantly lifting the sheet, in the room where our father lay unconscious. When we asked her why, she said she was watching for his finger and toenails to turn black.

We said, "Why?"

She said "Well that's what they do, just before people die."

We didn't know that! Isn't education wonderful?..and she's younger than us? We were so grateful to be told.

If anyone out there would like to know if they will be dying shortly..and would like Rosemary to pop round and check, I'm sure she would make the time. Just write in and ask. She lives on Pinfold Lane, next door to her poor mother, in Moss.

To avoid any possible confusion, my father, Ralph Winstanley, is still dead. He lies in a freezer somewhere in Sheffield. Not quite the same as a burial, but it's the best we can do at the moment.

Certainly it seems better than the service which he was 'fortunate' in being unable to attend. However, the press went. (It was quite a sad but jolly affair, so I understand.. with a lovely vicar. She was a lady called, Eve Atherfold.(Sorry for putting you in brackets, vicar, but you're not the main part of this blog.))

I am Ralph Winstanley's elder daughter, Charlotte Peters Rock. Wouldn't want to sail under false colours now, would I? Though I have heard that it's popular this year.

Speak to you all soon. I will have more revelations from time to time.
It was so interesting about the black nails though, wasn't it? I'm sure that, if my father had known about it, he might have stayed awake, instead of rather selfishly mainlining. Then he could have watched it happen.
Cheerio for now,


RalphWinstanley said...

Sorry, it's still not Ralph Winstanley. He's still dead. So as his elder daughter, I'm acting as his amanuensis.
Now let me tell you about the 'little woman'. Not so little either. Serious businesswoman, so she tells me. Responsible for most of the 'new build' in Moss. So that's quite exciting.. if you like to look at such things.
She bravely rushed out to judge horses' teeth and withers, threw away his things; and had her horse shod, for his funeral three days before he died. Such a caring person.
Nothing like 'getting it all sewn up in advance', is there?
Must be psychic, I should think.

Oh, yes. Let
me give you
Nina Clayton
..please. If you'd like to see a picci of her, go to
This is the woman who kept saying that my father was being dreadfully sick and was sicking up blood - when he wasn't. Why would she do that, I wonder? Was she trying to get help for him?
I just don't understand it at all. Perhaps it's all to do with the fact that she has 'wild' hair? It seems to change colour as you watch - 'grieving widow grey' - 'whispy blonde' - 'sort-of-gingery' - 'brownish' - whatever will it be next? Green? I do know that she's environmentally friendly. She is noted for her encouragement of slurry throwing - as a Service to the Community - as well as her lovely new houses. So, perhaps it will be green?

Ta ta for now.

Anonymous said...

It is quite interesting to note that you are editing off this site any comments that are not to your liking....i.e. the ones that actually tell the truth!!! I know this because I have posted a comment which remained on this site for all of one day...obviously until you saw it,then it disappeared!!! Why would that be Charlotte?? Would it be because you only want people to have your twisted version of events??Surely not...surely the point of a comments site is to get all peoples opinions...but then again,my comments wouldn`t suit your purpose would they,because my comments tell it like it really is!!
Have you told readers of this site how you and your family are harrassing innocent people, and slandering their good names without justification?? Have you told them that in actual fact the result of the first Post Mortem showed that your father DIED OF NATURAL CAUSES??? No,didn`t think you would,cos again,that doesn`t suit your purpose!!! Your Father and yourself didn`t speak for somewhere in the region of 20 years,yet here you are acting the loving daughter....you only became the loving daughter when you thought you might have been left thousands of pounds in his Will....why would he have left you or your two brothers anything in his Will....you made the last few years of his life miserable...why do you now think it odd that he didn`t leave you anything?? I would`ve thought it more odd if he had!!!There is only your sister Linda who can truly call herself Ralphs daughter,as she was with him through thick and thin...and she has been provided for in the Will...is that what rankles you???
Don`t act the devoted caring daughter now Charlotte, it doesn`t suit you, and you know quite well it isn`t true!! Clearly this is giving you something to do in your boring and tedious life,but don`t drag other people into it,it isn`t fair...then again,you dont `do` fair do you Charlotte?? I have no doubt this comment will be edited off the site too,but at least I will have the satisfaction of knowing you`ve read it and know how all of the genuine people feel!!!

Samogirl said...

It seems to me that some people seem to think they know what Ralph Winstanley actually thought of his own family.

He obviously didn't seem to object to his elder daughter being with him when she called on Mothers day with her husband.

He obviously didn't seem to object, infact, he actually insisted that she stay, when she was called out on that fateful Sunday morning 18th April 2004 at 0600 hours

You see the Winstanley family have lived by a family code, they do help each other out in times of need. He obviously was very concerned about what was happening to him at this time. He obviously knew that his elder daughter would do her best to make sure he was OK.

He certainly didn't want his younger daughter to leave, not that she was much good to him in the end. She says she never thought that this could have happened to him in his own house.

His elder daughter was the only one that was of any use at all, in they end. She realised that something strange was happening and called for help, not that she got any.

His children do not have to justify why they were with their father, They had been a part of his life for many years, whether or not they visited on regular occasions.

Most families do only visit from time to time, they have their own lives to lead. They do not expect that a man who sells off their family business, a business that all of his children had worked in at some time, all of his children Blood children I mean, and have a legal right to know where all his finances have gone. They had helped to build up this business along with his exwife. They have a right to know these details.

It seems to me that people who actually disliked this man have had their greedy little hands on all of his finances now his "wife" has told people he died destitute, living off her charity. What sort of person would say such a thing?

I have my thoughts, but then everyone has thoughts, everyone has a right to make their own minds up about what has happened, with the information they really do have.

I am informed that this woman actually did her level best to get rid of this younger daughter out of his life too. But she never managed to do that. He told me, is her name Linda? that she and he had a pact, made once in front of many people in Tenerife in a bar. Ralph thought too much of her.

He enjoyed her husbands company too, but his son-in-law would not visit his house, something Ralph acknowledged, he and Ralph's daughter would meet up with him elsewhere for a drink, and it was his link to the rest of his own family.

Honesty is the best policy. Be up front and truthful.

We all have to meet our maker at some day. I wonder who will be wishing that they had made different judgements when there time comes. The truth will out. Laws change every year. We learn something new all the time.

Money is not everything. As you know it didn't benefit Ralph when he needed it most, he couldn't take it with him either. It doesn't benefit him now.

Many of his old friends are now dead, but there are still some who knew him very well.

A very interested party.

RalphWinstanley said...

In view of the slur placed against my name by 'Anonymous', (2 comments above this one), in that she seems to think that I would remove or edit her 'enlightening' comments, I have now placed on this site at:
information which even she cannot claim is a lie.

Perhaps, dear readers, you might like to read it?
Charlotte Peters Rock - elder daughter of Ralph Winstanley, (who is still dead.)

Anonymous said...

Hi I am following this site with interest, and wondered what the posting is that you refer to as I cannot find it? Is it on this site or elsewhere?
Thank you
Julie Jeffries

RalphWinstanley said...

To Julie Jeffries, and other interested parties.

Thanks for your interest, sorry about the glitch on the site. (Don't blame the wonderful Blogger people. Blame me.

The abstract from the Recorder Kealy Judgement of 8th July 1998 can now be found at the top of this site, (15.Oct.2004)

Charlotte Peters Rock

RalphWinstanley said...

In view of the 'Anonymous' comment, (number 6 above this one), I have deliberately edited one of my comments off this site.

You can see the result, in the string of Comments attached to 'If' (not by Rudyard Kipling). There's a link to it when you first come into this site.

Comments edited off, still show as 'Comments made'. It is just that you can't see the actual comment.

So, if 'Anonymous' would like to go across to the other site and take a look... then 'Anonymous' would be enlightened.

Charlotte Peters Rock - elder daughter of Ralph Winstanley

RalphWinstanley said...

Nope! I tell a lie, the 'removed' Comment (see above), is under 'Perhaps he was in the Way?'. Sorry, about the mistake.

RalphWinstanley said...

Now I have been told that when poor Herbert died, his lovely ex-wife, consumed with grief, rushed round to his bungalow, to run through the drawers. Wonder why?

Anyway, her elder daughter's husband is supposed to have thrown her out.

I don't know if I believe it. What ex-wife would do such a thing? And why?

No, it doesn't seem likely at all. Does it?

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