2005 - A Happy New Year?

On the threshold of a new year, it is interesting to reflect that my father, Ralph Winstanley, who might have been here to enjoy it, has been dead for more than 8 months. Yet he is still not buried. (As far as I know.) He did have the Thanksgiving for his Death, presided over by the Rev Eve Atherfold, against his own family's wishes. This was a curious affair. The Scythe Carrier, unable to bury him, carried a saddle into the church, resplendent in hunting pink. Various people turned pale at this as they assumed it was a person. Was there a burial for the saddle and hunting pink? Did no-one invite me? Perhaps as well really.

Numerous new friends of ours, have been very helpful in filling in the picture of his last few years. They have told us about his property dealings, and about his personal dealings. There is always room for more information.

If you can add to it, please ring me on 0156 572 2738 or 07050 183 417

In the interests of justice - and by this I mean actual justice - we need to know as much as possible.

One thing is quite certain. Those who should have brought strength, fairness and information to my father's aid, failed him before he died. They also fail, in respect of aiding justice, after he has died. Yet many are being paid from the public purse. Isn't it strange?

Doncaster East Primary Care Trust and Doncaster Central Primary Care Trust, having agreed, in writing, that I was entitled to copies of my father's medical records, have denied adequate access, releasing only a small number of messed about notes, which prove even so, what happened. Will anyone take notice of this though? Certainly there are people who would prefer that they didn't. One of them lives very close to Grange Farm.

When I pointed out that the released records were legally bound to be accurate records, and that those released to me were far from accurate, Simon Morritt, Chief Executive of Doncaster Central PCT - now replaced by Ann Ballarini- and Jayne Brown, OBE, Chief Executive of Doncaster East PCT - and her replacement, Christine Boswell, are all refusing to accept that it is their legal duty to release accurate records. Are we really paying these people? If so, why?

In what I see as, the usual slithering fashion of pen pushers and breeze-makers, the original blockers of medical records have both gone - presumably - upstairs.

Simon Morritt, Chief Executive of Doncaster Central PCT, has since moved to West Yorkshire Health Authority, for some reason.
Jayne Brown, OBE, Chief Executive of Doncaster East PCT, has moved to North and East Yorkshire & North Lincolnshire Strategic Health Authority, so I'm told.

So the new-mint Chief Executives can heave a sigh of relief and state that they are merely following the status quo. Whatever happened to professional responsibility? Isn't that what we are overpaying them for?

Then there are the so-called solicitors.

Nina Clayton is weaving her jolly way through yet another set as I write. So now she has dealt with
Paul and Martin Pennington of Frank Allen Pennington,
Jonathon Goodwin of Bridge Sanderson Munro,
(who produced a most hilarious 'will'), and is now with
David Coupland of Parker Rhodes,
having already had property dealings with
Taylor Bracewell.

Pretty soon, if I wanted to take the woman to court, there would be no solicitor left to use.

She has stopped my mother's alimony, probably illegally; and her past and current solicitors are fully aware of this. She is currently working her way through even more money than she did as my father lay 'being helped to die'. Mostly it seems to be going into the capacious pockets of solicitors, though she did set some aside for a nice cruise. Well she had to get over her grief somehow, didn't she?

There was also a new horse box, bought as my father died, (for ponies which she tells people she has got rid of? Grief plays funny tricks.); and a new building, built as my father died; which absolutely wouldn't wait until after my father was dead. Then there was the emptying of the bank account and generally staying happy, by tidying up, throwing away and getting his 'friends' to try to send his daughters away, because they (his daughters - not his 'friends'), objected to the way in which he was being 'helped to die'.

So he died with the sound of hammers ringing in his ears, and with Rosemary Cheesman, Nina Clayton's younger daughter, regularly checking beneath the bedclothes to see if his fingers and toes had yet turned black.

It certainly is a 'way to go', but is it a way anyone would choose?

As a Happy New Year, my father is 'deep and crisp and even', in a freezer in Sheffield. So he certainly hasn't gone yet.. as far as I know. (I could be wrong about this. He could be already buried or cremated in the private crematorium which the lovely Nina knows of. He shouldn't be though, legally. But what is actually legal about anything which has happened so far?)

I wish my father's friends
A Happy New Year
I also wish that more of them would get in touch and add to the growing history, which is being complied of my father's life. It is getting very interesting.
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