2005 - A Happy New Year?

On the threshold of a new year, it is interesting to reflect that my father, Ralph Winstanley, who might have been here to enjoy it, has been dead for more than 8 months. Yet he is still not buried. (As far as I know.) He did have the Thanksgiving for his Death, presided over by the Rev Eve Atherfold, against his own family's wishes. This was a curious affair. The Scythe Carrier, unable to bury him, carried a saddle into the church, resplendent in hunting pink. Various people turned pale at this as they assumed it was a person. Was there a burial for the saddle and hunting pink? Did no-one invite me? Perhaps as well really.

Numerous new friends of ours, have been very helpful in filling in the picture of his last few years. They have told us about his property dealings, and about his personal dealings. There is always room for more information.

If you can add to it, please ring me on 0156 572 2738 or 07050 183 417

In the interests of justice - and by this I mean actual justice - we need to know as much as possible.

One thing is quite certain. Those who should have brought strength, fairness and information to my father's aid, failed him before he died. They also fail, in respect of aiding justice, after he has died. Yet many are being paid from the public purse. Isn't it strange?

Doncaster East Primary Care Trust and Doncaster Central Primary Care Trust, having agreed, in writing, that I was entitled to copies of my father's medical records, have denied adequate access, releasing only a small number of messed about notes, which prove even so, what happened. Will anyone take notice of this though? Certainly there are people who would prefer that they didn't. One of them lives very close to Grange Farm.

When I pointed out that the released records were legally bound to be accurate records, and that those released to me were far from accurate, Simon Morritt, Chief Executive of Doncaster Central PCT - now replaced by Ann Ballarini- and Jayne Brown, OBE, Chief Executive of Doncaster East PCT - and her replacement, Christine Boswell, are all refusing to accept that it is their legal duty to release accurate records. Are we really paying these people? If so, why?

In what I see as, the usual slithering fashion of pen pushers and breeze-makers, the original blockers of medical records have both gone - presumably - upstairs.

Simon Morritt, Chief Executive of Doncaster Central PCT, has since moved to West Yorkshire Health Authority, for some reason.
Jayne Brown, OBE, Chief Executive of Doncaster East PCT, has moved to North and East Yorkshire & North Lincolnshire Strategic Health Authority, so I'm told.

So the new-mint Chief Executives can heave a sigh of relief and state that they are merely following the status quo. Whatever happened to professional responsibility? Isn't that what we are overpaying them for?

Then there are the so-called solicitors.

Nina Clayton is weaving her jolly way through yet another set as I write. So now she has dealt with
Paul and Martin Pennington of Frank Allen Pennington,
Jonathon Goodwin of Bridge Sanderson Munro,
(who produced a most hilarious 'will'), and is now with
David Coupland of Parker Rhodes,
having already had property dealings with
Taylor Bracewell.

Pretty soon, if I wanted to take the woman to court, there would be no solicitor left to use.

She has stopped my mother's alimony, probably illegally; and her past and current solicitors are fully aware of this. She is currently working her way through even more money than she did as my father lay 'being helped to die'. Mostly it seems to be going into the capacious pockets of solicitors, though she did set some aside for a nice cruise. Well she had to get over her grief somehow, didn't she?

There was also a new horse box, bought as my father died, (for ponies which she tells people she has got rid of? Grief plays funny tricks.); and a new building, built as my father died; which absolutely wouldn't wait until after my father was dead. Then there was the emptying of the bank account and generally staying happy, by tidying up, throwing away and getting his 'friends' to try to send his daughters away, because they (his daughters - not his 'friends'), objected to the way in which he was being 'helped to die'.

So he died with the sound of hammers ringing in his ears, and with Rosemary Cheesman, Nina Clayton's younger daughter, regularly checking beneath the bedclothes to see if his fingers and toes had yet turned black.

It certainly is a 'way to go', but is it a way anyone would choose?

As a Happy New Year, my father is 'deep and crisp and even', in a freezer in Sheffield. So he certainly hasn't gone yet.. as far as I know. (I could be wrong about this. He could be already buried or cremated in the private crematorium which the lovely Nina knows of. He shouldn't be though, legally. But what is actually legal about anything which has happened so far?)

I wish my father's friends
A Happy New Year
I also wish that more of them would get in touch and add to the growing history, which is being complied of my father's life. It is getting very interesting.
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An open letter to Brian and Mary Shields of Ringstead Stud

Dear Brian and Mary Shields,

Since my father, Ralph Winstanley, was used to staying with you over the New Year, I thought I would send you New Year wishes. I am not sure what they should be.

Are you aware that my father was not dying, but was put down at the behest of those supposedly 'nearest and dearest' to him?If so, are you happy about this?

You have gone completely quiet on this matter.But I understood that you were supposed to be my father's friends? Were you?

If so, does it matter that he should really have been alive to stay with you this year? Do you care that his life was cut short?

My father, Ralph Winstanley, cared little for his own family. I am his elder daughter. I have always felt that he would really have been better off without any children of his own; but there you are. We don't always get what we would like.

He certainly loved my mother and didn't want her to divorce him. She, you will be interested to know, has been without her maintenance money since the day that he died. This is something which I know he would not have wished, since he set up an account particularly to pay her each week, and was very upset when Nina Clayton closed it in 2000, putting it right at that time (though not since his death, of course).

Nina Clayton took great pleasure in writing to my sister (not, you will notice, my mother), to say it would be in abeyance. Brian Shields, I know, is (when that should be possible), an executor of my father's estate.

My father had four of us, with my mother, (his first wife), Nettie. Hardly a mistake, surely? Though he was never either kind or fatherly. But, at our ages, we can cope with that. There are always friends after all.

My sister was the only one who found a way to get on with him.. and even she had difficulties, because of Nina Clayton's nastiness, over many years.

But you were his friends. Or were you?

If it is of any interest to you to know, exactly what happened to my father, perhaps you would contact me? (0156 572 2738 or 07050 183 417)

The New Year of Ralph Winstanley's offspring, is a curious and messy business to look forward to.However, since we are all of one mind, perhaps I could tell you what this is? We object to the deliberate killing of an old man, who seemed to have outlived his usefulness. We will not settle, until the fraud and killing, which has taken place on my father, is resolved to our satisfaction.

If you have Nina Clayton as a guest, over the New Year, perhaps you would reflect on this? Perhaps you would also reflect on the fact that my father, still unburied, lies in a freezer in Sheffield?

He would have been 84 on the 25th January, 2005. Perhaps we will be allowed to bury him then?

I wish you a Happy and Reflective New Year. I wish my father a decent burial.. which would be more decency than he was allowed at his early death.

I will expect that both of you will speak as his friends at his inquest and at his funeral. My father had a great need of friends.. and a dearth of them at his death.

Yours sincerely,

Charlotte (elder daughter of Ralph Winstanley)
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Big Brother has taken over the playpen and the little ones aren’t safe

I hear Nina Clayton has a 'nursing friend', who has a pony.. which competes. Isn't that interesting?

Also it seems hardly likely that the 'famous' International Equestrian Show Judge, who opened Iron Horse Equestrian Supplies in October, and who so I hear has more than a passing interest in the establishment and it's operation, would get rid of her own horseflesh.

Curiously Jean and Roy Waterworth, who feature not at all in the last few year's electoral rolls, for Moss, have been given £10,702 by the Rural Business Growth Programme, to diversify 'their' farm operation. Well, that was kind! Don't you think? (What farm operation? They don't seem to have lived at the farm. It seems that no-one did.) But perhaps they are absentee farm operators? Who can say?
More information can be found here. http://www.blsy.com/news/detail.asp?id=129
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Dead Man Walking - post number 1

This post has been at the bottom of this page for far too long.. so I've re-dated it to give you the chance to read it.
Abide with me
Abide with me; fast falls the eventide;
The darkness deepens; Lord with me abide.
When other helpers fail and comforts flee,
Help of the helpless, O abide with me.
~ Henry Francis Lyle
Do read on. There's more to this than meets the eye.
There are names, links, letters, comments.

Smiles and eyes follow into dreams

Abide with me
(unauthorised version)
In memory of Ralph Winstanley

by Charlotte Peters Rock

His mother said - as she was getting on
Abide with me Lord I will soon be gone
Take me I pray and you will set me free
Give me release in you Abide with me

He found himself he wanted nothing more
Be in his way and you’d be shown the door
I know this true He walked all over me
Til it was hard to say Abide with me

Each funeral time he went - to give him due
Ever the same song sung to see it through
Be not afraid for surely you can see
For him I changed the song Abide with me

Let not his friends if they were friends at all
If they were friends why did they let him fall?
Let not his friends whose surface I can see
Let not his friends enjoin Abide with me

No Christians they - nor was his ‘wife’ so-called
Less Christian folk you’d not find in the world
Their charity - no one could disagree
Frozen - forgot to say Abide with me

His doctor said I soon must go away
I’ll show ‘clean heels’ He’s ‘terminal’ I say
Nurse him to death He’s old as you can see
No food nor fluids please Just let him be

Sunday 'wife' said He’s dying I can tell
Terminally he is not very well
Dreadfully sick and coughing blood you see
Heart-failed and anxious, oh please set me free

He was quite calm He walked in spite of her
Swallowed and talked He drank and coughed quite clear
Willing to live - His chemotherapy
Never once mentioned in this death decree

Each Christmas time 'wife' pushed her family
Before he died her daughter Rosemary
Looked for black toes - as black as black could be
Quite fascinated by morbidity

Rosie still tried tried to 'help him out' as well
He’s always ‘reaching’ (sic) but I will not dwell
Tries to be sick My mum and I agree
Not indigestion It’s malignancy

'Family Fun' - to find the Pharmacy
Bringing the drugs to 'help Ralph out' you see
Frazer made sure - as Nina's family
he fetched the drugs for Ralph's 'malignancy'

They drugged him up from drug to drug he went
No overdose they said nor bad intent
His pressure point was black as black could be
His bedding stank Each nurse ignored my plea

His notes were changed The District Nurse made sure
Safe in her hands in death he had his cure
Great play was made in new notes as we see
Of careful nursing skill I don’t agree

Lorna made sure - in three nights she took care
Ralph was in safe hands Notes were very clear
More than the rest - she cared and we could see
She came to help and say Abide with me

(Lorna was true humanity. Such obvious care should be recognised.
To my sister and I, she was a 'bright light' in a 'dreadfully dark night'.)

‘Wife’ shod the horse three days before he died
To lead his funeral in premedicide
Determined she - a widow she would be
She drank a toast to death and laughed in glee

Why did he die? - an old man this is true
Who pushed him out? - please tell me tell me who
'Wife' saw him off - the Health Authority
And Dr Brown said Don’t abide with me

What do I say It’s murder thus I say
This man was murdered, I won’t go away
We tried to stop - they would not let him be

They said You’re off You can’t abide with me

I would not see my father die this way
I’d not be here to tell you this today
No man deserves to be put down I see
Trust not the ‘bike’ who says Abide with me

Fend for yourself Police won’t keep you safe
More than my father was safe from his ‘wife’
Justice is lame whilst murders are free
And facts are hid by Jayne Brown OBE

Two Primary Care Trusts - Morritt in the lead
Hid evidence and covered murderous deed
Trust not your life nor if you dying be
Trust not the Trusts who say Abide with me

Stripped by the ones who took his cash and ran
Turned back to take each ha’penny from that man
He stood no chance Solicitors with glee
And then Accountants cried Abide with me

His mother died She tried her whole long life
She would be shocked that he had such as ‘wife’
He chose his path no-one can disagree
He chose to say Please don’t Abide with me

Abide with him - if Grandma’s Lord’s still there
Certain she was - and she had Lord to spare
I’ll help myself for certainly I see
Welcoming friends will come abide with me

Abide with them Fast falls their eventide
Their darkness deepens Lord with them abide
When other helpers failed and comforts fled
Help of the helpless Lord They left him dead

(The information above, is absolutely as factually accurate as I can make it. Nothing is gained by prevarication - only by the truth. The song, taking factual truths, is my own opinion. This is something to which I am legally entitled, even in this slitheringly undemocratic country of England)


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Are we waiting for the half-life to run out?

I understand that drugs have what is known as a 'half-life'. That seems to mean that drugs fade away. They are put into the body and after a certain time, there is no remaining evidence that they were ever there. Isn't that interesting?

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