Will it be Christmas then?

The 'lovely Nina', so I hear, is saying, so I'm told, to many people, that she will hold a funeral at Christmas.

So, that will be interesting.

Will the Authorities, who are involved in this fiasco of a murder allow it?

That would be even more interesting.

It's not that it would matter too much to my sister and I. (Well, it has been over 7 months after all.) It's just that it is interesting to note how much people seem to think they can manipulate the so-called 'proper authorities'. Perhaps they can't. Who can tell?

What I find to be of overwhelming interest is, the number of people who have given me information.
Where it is accurate, it is invaluable.

It will be exciting to notice whether my father's funeral is held, by someone who certainly was glad to be rid of him, (to put it at its mildest), on Christmas Eve. (Or perhaps it will be the inquest which is held then.. when unfortunately most solicitors are away..skiing and such..)

Will Messers Penningtons be away?

I am watching with bated breath.

What do you think?

I also watch to see the general wrigglings of the Primary Care Trusts - who seem to have indicated to the Health Care Commission that my sister might be asking for compensation. (I should qualify this by stating that I think they mean monetary compensation. If that is true, then it is an absolute lie. (perhaps I could repeat, It is an absolute lie.)) However, the Health Care Commission, which by the way, seems to have no teeth.. no not one.. and it is brand new! (What hope is there?) seems to believe this tosh.

My sister is, however, asking for a form of compensation, as I am. She and I are asking that my father's murderers are brought to justice. Is this too much to ask?

Charlotte Peters Rock
Daughter of the Deceased

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