Wafflers in full flight

South Yorkshire Police uses posh paper. It has a nice little logo, information about how utterly wonderful South Yorkshire Police has been found to be (by people who have not recently had relatives illegally killed, presumably?), and space for replies to letters.

Now that is the problem. No, not the space but what goes into the space. The space is perfectly fine. It is a space on posh paper.

The problem is that South Yorkshire Police seems to be the home of The World Waffling Expert - and several runners-up.

Replies to actual letters seem to be beyond these wafflers but they can certainly waffle at a great rate when they finally start. Perhaps they think that the public - of which I am one - will not realise that no letter is actually answered? Perhaps they think that, caught by the wonderfulness of the waffling, we will be transported to 'a far better place' where we will trouble them no longer?

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