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Following one message, on Thursday, 7th October, from Debbie Unsworth of Fosterhouses Stud, (Section A Welsh Pony breeder), of Fishlake, Doncaster, I reproduce part of the further abusive message which she left on my mobile phone a few minutes later. Unfortunately I cannot, at this time, reproduce the rest of the message, as I am informed that it will be needed for a court hearing.

Charlotte, if you’re going to leave slanderous messages on the world wide web, you should at least have the courage to speak to the people who you’ve named. I think it’s absolutely appalling, as you know it’s also against the law to put things such like th..as that on the world wide web.

I strongly object to you slandering myself, my partner and my stud and am not having someone like you, ruining the good name that it’s taken us 10 years to build up with this stud farm. I suggest, very strongly, that you retract the emails that you have sent out and you put an accompanying letter with them explaining about (unintelligible)

The only comments which I had made in respect of her was that she stated that she hardly knew - and had been frightened of - my father; that she nevertheless stayed in the room for two whole days as he died; and that she bred Section A Welsh Ponies. It says so on her web site at http://www.fosterhouses.com/ - and look on the page 'For Sale'

When my sister rang her after our father died, to ask why she had sat there, for so long, with an unconscious man she 'hardly knew', she responded with very loud abuse, as did her partner. I heard it across the room. When I spoke to them, they were equally abusive to me.. for some reason.

It is fortunate indeed that she chose to record her latest tirade.

What my family and I cannot understand is why she chose to be so nasty, following an event where she stated over and over again that she 'hardly knew' the man who was dying.

In spite of the extremes of worry to which my sister and I were subjected, because of the situation at Grange Farm as our father was dying, we had shown her only friendliness and concern.

Her response was in such terms as the above. Why?

It certainly makes me wonder, more than ever, what she was doing there. She didn't seem to be keeping Nina Clayton company. Nina Clayton was rarely in the same room.. except for the last two hours of my father's life, when she shook with mirth and waved lots of photographs of naked people - in curious positions - past my sister, who was already shocked and in grief. Oh yes. In the interests of accuracy, I should point out that Nina Clayton did dash into the room each time any nurses came, to coo 'lovey-dovey' words, at some distance - to an unconscious man - before clearing off again.

Nina Clayton, a Section A Welsh Pony Judge, http://www.wpcs.uk.com/society/judgeslist.pdf
seemed to find judging work far more compelling than her sick 'husband', being out judging just before and just after his death.

On my sister's birthday, the 11th April, my father had been left alone with his worries from 6am because her Welsh Pony judging was more important to her. At 6pm, when she returned, he was suddenly 'rushed into hospital, dying' - as my sister was told by Nina Clayton - in an ambulance, 'with oxygen'.

When we arrived at the hospital, at around 7pm, he was sitting up on a hospital trolley, perfectly alright. He did look a bit confused. As he said to us, he couldn't work out why he was there. He kept saying that he wanted to go home. He was sent home, at 10.02pm with no treatment given - or recommended to be given.

I do wonder why he was there.. why on her birthday, my sister had had to face such a dramatic and upsetting time.. especially since she had been quietly in her father's company for most of the day. He had rung her at 7.30am to ask what time she was coming to see him.

She always saw him on her birthday. They went out to lunch. This time it was to The Old George, in Sykehouse, Doncaster, from 12noon until 1pm.

It was a favoured place of his. He was friendly with the owners, Janet and Martin Hunton. They went to America, on holiday together, just before Christmas. (He had been fit enough to go to America, and to Tenerife, with Yvonne and Roger Barrett, during December 2003; then to Scarborough for the weekend in January 2004.)

He was a bit frail but he had not been feeling ill when his daughter, Linda, had left him. They'd been sitting outside in the sun, talking. He asked her to put his papers in order. (More about his papers in the next post.) She had left him at around 3pm

Thank you all for returning so regularly. Do keep reading.

Charlotte - elder daughter of Ralph Winstanley
PS There is now a Comment attached to this posting. It is by Debbie Unsworth.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Charlotte,
I have just read the posting which you have put on your site regarding myself and the `phone message I left on your ansaphone. I do not consider that I was abusive in any way,yes,I was angry,but I think that is to be understood considering the fact that you have tried to involve me in something which doesn`t involve me.
You state that all you`d put was that you couldn`t undertstand why I`d been at the bedside of a man I hardly knew...this is in fact not true,you also stated "Why was this woman there?", I rang you to tell you that you knew exactly why I was there,because I had told you when asked at the time - I was there because Nina and her family had asked me to be there as an independant witness because you and your family were accusing her of trying to kill her husband! I would also point out that I wasn`t there for two full days either, on the first day I arrived in the late afternoon and left early evening ( I had actually brought sandwiches for Nina and her family as I was concerned they were not eating), and the second day I arrived (I think) around 10 am `ish and left shortly after your fathers sad death.
I have no axe to grind with you or your family, and do indeed feel very sorry for your loss....as I said to Linda at the time,I would`ve been devastated if it had been my father. However, I cannot help you any further as I do not know anything other than what occurred in the time that I was there. I cannot understand why you are continuing to persecute myself and my partner when we have done nothing against you -what exeactly are you hoping to achieve?
I do not think anyone could blame me for being angry when you persist in trying to involve me in something which I consider to be between your two families - also,I would point out that when Duncan spoke to you on the `phone,I said nothing in the background, so I don`t know why you feel that I did ( I would actually consider it rather rude to speak when someone was on the `phone!)...I would also point out that you say I hardly knew your Father,I do not know where you got this from,we had in fact been friends with Nina and your Father for the last six years, and had in fact been at dinner in his company in the february of this year.
Finally, if you had had the courage to speak to me on the `phone,rather than hanging up on me, I wouldn`t have got angry at all...but it does seem a bit rich to put things all over the internet and then not actually have the courage to speak to me on the `phone don`t you think? I would also say,that should this get to court,then I would be quite happy to tell any court exactly what I know, and would also add that I do not tell lies.
I hope this matter is resolved in the very near future for the sakes of all concerned.
Debbie Unsworth

Anonymous said...

if u believe anything unsworth says !!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 10.28pm,we know who you are...and at least `Unsworth` isn`t coward enough to hide behind the veil of anonymity as you do!!
Be aware that `Unsworth` will be very soon be proved to be truthful in all she says. Also be aware that the police are being made aware of your continued attacks and slanderous allegations and comments.

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