Abstract from Recorder Kealy Judgement 8 July 1998

Recorder Kealy gave Judgement on a case between Richard Winstanley and his father, Ralph Winstanley.

An abstract of this Judgement, which records Nina Anne Clayton's draconian action, against Ralph Winstanley is shown below: Please scroll down).

This serves as an accurate record of what happened between my father Ralph Winstanley and Nina Clayton, whom he is said to have married in late 1987.

By early 1991, (25th February 1991 - just over 3 years after she 'married' him), she laid claim to the entire estate of Ralph Winstanley. She had his passport and all his financial affairs removed from his control. He was not represented in Court. Was he even there, or aware that the case was coming before the court?

Interestingly, various people are stopping our access to the files of 25th February - 1st March - 14th March 1991. The are such people as Court servants, solicitors who claim they have always worked for my father, when on current evidence, they seem to have been working for Nina Clayton; and even a Judge.

What is there in the files which they would like to have kept hidden? There is obviously something. Does that 'something' implicate them in respect of this case? Why else would such people, who are after all public servants, (or certainly who have taken my father's money for work), refuse access to these files? Don't we have a Freedom of Information Act? Are the Freemasons, or some other group, involved in this?

The money which my father had, was being held in Trust for his own family.. and he stated over and over again, to all of us, at various times, that Nina Clayton - and her offspring, which were nothing to do with him - would not have it, but that it would revert to his own family, on his death.

As his elder daughter, never really finding much common ground with my father, I have never had expectations of anything from him. Nor have I now. However, my two brothers, my sister and my mother all worked in the firm of Mowing Machine Maintenance of Wath-upon-Dearne, building up the wealth which eventually accrued when my father sold the business.

Nina Anne Clayton, former wiper-of-bottoms in an unfortunate Infant School at the back end of Denaby, seems to have prospered ever since.

She claims inheritance, from various people. We know that her first husband, from whom she took his name, made sure that she did not inherit his bungalow. He left it to the only child he claimed as his.. and he told everyone who would listen that she was his only child. So who did leave her the wealth? Not the local education committee, that's for sure.
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Anonymous said...

Thank you Charlotta for the link...it certainly does make interesting reading!
I`m afraid my natural human inquisitiveness gets the better of me here (or am I just plain nosey?), if Herbert was only the Father of one child,who was the father of the other?

RalphWinstanley said...

Not sure. Perhaps you know? Or perhaps you could hazard a guess? Do get in touch if you can tell me.
Charlotte Peters Rock

Anonymous said...

Hi, No,sorry,I`ve no idea!Sorry,that previous post was by me, I forgot to sign it and don`t know how to sign in,so I do apologise for that.
Julie Peters

RalphWinstanley said...

The only thing I am certain about, in spite of the rumour which was spread (by someone?), is that the father was not Ralph Winstanley, any more than he was father to her other children. Perhaps the mother can remember?

Ralph Winstanley had only 4 children. None of them were to Nina Clayton.

Charlotte Peters Rock - elder daughter of Ralph Winstanley

PKD said...

Not if God's own anus prolapsed would the phrase "raining shit" be more appropriate.

Anonymous said...


Wow! What an astonishing image you conjure up! The phrase Holy Shit springs to mind. I'm not quite sure what your point is, though, Where, in your opinion is the excrement emanating from?


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