Two down - more to go?

Curiously there seems to be a sudden fashion for retirement within the great and good of South Yorkshire.

It was begun by the lovely Jayne Margaret Brown, former Chief Executive of Doncaster East NHS Primary Care Trust. Having been forced into giving me copies of my father's recent Medical Record, she managed to prevaricate over the rest. Indeed she managed to shift the decision-making about the rest to poor Little Simon Morritt, Chief Executive of Doncaster Central NHS Primary Care Trust. Then she 'retired' herself to be Director of Performance Improvement at York-based North and East Yorkshire and Northern Lincolnshire and Strategic Health Authority, where I am sure she will fulfill her true potential.

Following this, I hear that Chief Superintendent John Hudson, has become 'formerly of South Yorkshire Constabulary'. So that's nice for him.

In the case of Ralph Winstanley, it makes very little difference, since John Hudson presided over the non-event of a complete lack of investigation, 'unless HM Coroner, Doncaster, asked his loyal troops to investigate..' which thus far he hasn't. So poor John Hudson might have felt a bit superfluous.. and has probably gone off to tend his roses.

I wonder who else is about to take 'gardening retirement'?

Perhaps they would let me know. I'm sure that a whip-round would produce a Happy Retirement card..unless there are too many of them.

I was informed by one Assistant Chief Constable Ian Daines, that he was aware of this blog site. Fame, at last. Well isn't that wonderful? South Yorkshire Police, in its infinite investigative mode has detected this site. I don't know if I can cope with it. It's all too, too overwhelming!

However, I do not yet feel like celebrating. Assistant Chief Constable Ian Daines, seems to think that South Yorkshire Police Force has conducted an investigation into my father's death. He seems to think that no criminal activity has taken place.. unless I misunderstand him. So I have written to ask if my understanding is correct. I have an awful sinking feeling about this.

If my understanding is correct, it probably means that no-one in South Yorkshire Police Force can read. Alternatively. it could mean that South Yorkshire Police Force think that helping someone who is old to die, when they weren't expecting to die, is legal.

Either way, it probably accounts for the sinking feeling. For goodness sake, I'm not in the first flush of youth.

NOTE: The more wrinkles I have, the further I must stay from the Doncaster - and probably South Yorkshire Police - area. Wouldn't want to die in my bed now, would I? Though I am sure that South Yorkshire's finest would help me.

My father, Ralph Winstanley has just 'celebrated' the 4th month of his death.

I wonder if there's a card for 4th Month of your uninvestigated death. After all, there are cards for everything else. Perhaps it would say 'Many Happy Returns On the 4th Month of Your Uninvestigated Death'?

It could be sent, with a wreath as a present, to the freezer where, I'm told, he currently lies. He'd probably prefer whisky.. but corpses can't be choosers - he'll just have to take what he can get.

We could hold a party.. no, perhaps not; he would freeze us out. Still, if this goes on much longer, once he reaches his anniversary of death, we really should do something.

Perhaps as a mark of his death South Yorkshire Police Force could begin an honest and thorough investigation into what happened to him. I'm sure he'd like that.

Must get on to them. I feel that now the habit is ingrained, they might not be too willing. But once they all learn to read, I'm sure it will become easier. Perhaps, the light will dawn?

Don't hold our breath though. I'd hate to see you turn blue.

Speak to ya soon.

Charlotte (Very Slightly Depressed - and Dissillusoned - Daughter Of The Dead)

PS Have a Happy Bank Holiday. Somebody should.
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