Health Care Cash Coshes Truth

Yes, that is precisely what solicitors for Doncaster Central Primary Care Trust and Doncaster East Primary Care Trust are doing with Public Health Care money.

They are threatening me for telling the truth. More than that, they have threatened my former Web Server, Portland Communications.

They have sent a letter which maligns my intellectual property and says that what I say is defamatory. Further they say that my song, called in deference to the original, Abide With Me (unauthorised version), is no more than a poem.

They are stating that I am telling lies, in that what I say cannot be 'defamation' if it is the truth.
In doing this they are probably entering the arena of defamation, both on their own behalf and on behalf of both Doncaster East and Doncaster Central Primary Care Trusts.

Do read their letter to Portland Communications, which is re-produced below.

Still I think I can reasonably say that most of the people in England would disagree with such treatment for the truth.
However, that does not get me over the problem, ‘what to do now?’

Well, what I would like is some support, from like-minded people.

If you object to the anti-democratic actions of this bunch, perhaps you might like to help me?

Would you like to write to:
Mr Simon Morritt,
Chief Executive,
Doncaster Central Primary Care Trust,
White Rose House,
Ten Pound Walk,
or email:
or fax: 01302 365 208 or 01302 365 2304

and ask him something like the questions below?

1 What do you, as Chief Executive of Doncaster Central Primary Care Trust, and as the man who took ‘Lead Role’ in this matter, from Jayne Brown, and therefore also represent Doncaster East Primary Care Trust, intend to do about the death of Ralph Winstanley?


2 What do you intend to do to alter the system in place at both Primary Care Trusts, to prevent other people from being at risk of the same fate?


3 What made you think that you had the right to shut down a personal web site, on the spurious grounds that were given to Portland Communications? Namely:
a that it contained a poem called ‘mainline to murder’, which it did not.
b that it contained a poem, which it did not.
c that it contained lies, which it did not.


4 What restitution are you, personally and professionally, going to make, in respect of this destructive and undemocratic act?

Enquiries could also be sent to

Mrs Elizabeth Hedge,
Complaints Manager,
Doncaster Central & Doncaster East Primary Care Trusts (same address as above)
liz.hedge@nhs.net or liz.hedge@doncastercentralpct.nhs.uk

Of course South Yorkshire Police is refusing to even begin an investigation into this death. Remember, he died on 23rd April. I am writing this over three months after he died.

Why? Well, they tell me that they can’t investigate a death, or anything surrounding a death, unless the Coroner asks them to.

Finally, if the Coroner doesn’t ask them to investigate, then they will be content to do nothing.

So that should make us all feel safe in our beds, shouldn’t it?

If you object to this, perhaps you might like to help by writing to the Chief Constable of South Yorkshire Constabulary,
Mr Mike Hedges,
Chief Constable,
South Yorkshire Police HQ,
Snig Hill,
Sheffield. S3 8LY
or to the Head of CID,
Detective Chief Superintendent John Hudson? (same address as above)
They could be asked something like this

1 Would you demand and investigation if it were your son/daughter/mother/father/sister/brother were unlawfully killed?
2 If not, why not?
3 What would you do instead?

Send me a copy. I would love to hear from you at

Speak to ya soon.

Daughter of the Doomed

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Pheew! As a man who is interested in Justice, I find ths truly unelievable. Who are these people? Do they own a man's body?

Glad I don't live in your country. Is it always like that?

Sure I support you. I tried already to send a comment to this Simon Morritt.. but his email box is bouncing. So I will try again.


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