Two down - more to go?

Curiously there seems to be a sudden fashion for retirement within the great and good of South Yorkshire.

It was begun by the lovely Jayne Margaret Brown, former Chief Executive of Doncaster East NHS Primary Care Trust. Having been forced into giving me copies of my father's recent Medical Record, she managed to prevaricate over the rest. Indeed she managed to shift the decision-making about the rest to poor Little Simon Morritt, Chief Executive of Doncaster Central NHS Primary Care Trust. Then she 'retired' herself to be Director of Performance Improvement at York-based North and East Yorkshire and Northern Lincolnshire and Strategic Health Authority, where I am sure she will fulfill her true potential.

Following this, I hear that Chief Superintendent John Hudson, has become 'formerly of South Yorkshire Constabulary'. So that's nice for him.

In the case of Ralph Winstanley, it makes very little difference, since John Hudson presided over the non-event of a complete lack of investigation, 'unless HM Coroner, Doncaster, asked his loyal troops to investigate..' which thus far he hasn't. So poor John Hudson might have felt a bit superfluous.. and has probably gone off to tend his roses.

I wonder who else is about to take 'gardening retirement'?

Perhaps they would let me know. I'm sure that a whip-round would produce a Happy Retirement card..unless there are too many of them.

I was informed by one Assistant Chief Constable Ian Daines, that he was aware of this blog site. Fame, at last. Well isn't that wonderful? South Yorkshire Police, in its infinite investigative mode has detected this site. I don't know if I can cope with it. It's all too, too overwhelming!

However, I do not yet feel like celebrating. Assistant Chief Constable Ian Daines, seems to think that South Yorkshire Police Force has conducted an investigation into my father's death. He seems to think that no criminal activity has taken place.. unless I misunderstand him. So I have written to ask if my understanding is correct. I have an awful sinking feeling about this.

If my understanding is correct, it probably means that no-one in South Yorkshire Police Force can read. Alternatively. it could mean that South Yorkshire Police Force think that helping someone who is old to die, when they weren't expecting to die, is legal.

Either way, it probably accounts for the sinking feeling. For goodness sake, I'm not in the first flush of youth.

NOTE: The more wrinkles I have, the further I must stay from the Doncaster - and probably South Yorkshire Police - area. Wouldn't want to die in my bed now, would I? Though I am sure that South Yorkshire's finest would help me.

My father, Ralph Winstanley has just 'celebrated' the 4th month of his death.

I wonder if there's a card for 4th Month of your uninvestigated death. After all, there are cards for everything else. Perhaps it would say 'Many Happy Returns On the 4th Month of Your Uninvestigated Death'?

It could be sent, with a wreath as a present, to the freezer where, I'm told, he currently lies. He'd probably prefer whisky.. but corpses can't be choosers - he'll just have to take what he can get.

We could hold a party.. no, perhaps not; he would freeze us out. Still, if this goes on much longer, once he reaches his anniversary of death, we really should do something.

Perhaps as a mark of his death South Yorkshire Police Force could begin an honest and thorough investigation into what happened to him. I'm sure he'd like that.

Must get on to them. I feel that now the habit is ingrained, they might not be too willing. But once they all learn to read, I'm sure it will become easier. Perhaps, the light will dawn?

Don't hold our breath though. I'd hate to see you turn blue.

Speak to ya soon.

Charlotte (Very Slightly Depressed - and Dissillusoned - Daughter Of The Dead)

PS Have a Happy Bank Holiday. Somebody should.
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Update - 10th August 2004

Ralph Winstanley has 'his own' comments page here

Perhaps this is a good time to tell newcomers that this story began
------------ ay
down at the bottom of the page..so perhaps you should begin there? You'll meet some very interesting photographs and letters on your way up. Otherwise, you can go into each posting separately by using the links on the side-bar.

Update - 10th August?

Well, this is likely to be a bit of a non-event.
My father, Ralph Winstanley, is still dead. He still lies in a freezer in Sheffield..waiting.

re: Doncaster Central Primary Care Trust
Doncaster East Primary Care Trust

I am getting letters from the lovely Trusts, (wonder what that word means?), by most posts, saying such sparkling things as,

Go away, I won't deal with you. Go on. Push off.

This is a slight paraphrase, but was said to me, in three separate letters, (with three separate envelopes and three separate stamps), by one Simon Morritt, Chief Executive of Doncaster Central Primary Care Trust, (and 'Lead Role' on the uncase of my father, Ralph Winstanley's death.) on the same day, 5th August. I think he just copied the words from one letter to the other. It really is not good enough. After an unnecessary death, the least I would expect of a man who 'earns' in excess of £100,000 year, is a modicum of inventiveness. My goodness, at this rate a machine could do the job.. now there's an idea.
nice picture of him here (Not much of him mind. He's dodging about at the back, with the also-mentioned Dr Kevin Lee)
UPDATE ON 'nice picture of him here': They seem, for some unaccountable reason, to have removed the picture from Doncaster Central Primary Care Trust Web site. Well! That is a blow! However, they seem to have stood the dear little fellow on a box, so he can be seen.
You will now find him here

So, that's the only Update I can give on dealings with the Primary Care Trusts of Doncaster. Well, except that Mrs Jayne Brown, has gone on to fresh fields and cliches new as 'Director of Performance Improvement' at York-based North and East Yorkshire and North Linclonshire Strategic Health Authority Sad, isn't it?

What dreadful thing did I do, to deserve this? I pointed out one or two flaws in their system.

Also, I asked for a copy of my father's full Medical Record.. which these two Trusts are denying me. Something extremely nasty happened to my father. It seems to go back several years. The trusts are fully aware of the detail. They are blocking access.

They - and their Caldicott Guardian, a Doctor David Brown - see here - (wonder if it's the same Dr David Brown who was father's GP? They both seem to be from Stainforth Surgery. Surely not!) seem to think I cannot represent my father's family interests. They think I will go away. They are wrong.

South Yorkshire Police

Again, an Update is difficult. South Yorkshire Police still will not investigate the death of my father, even though two policemen were on the premises when he died. How long has it been now? Well, add it up for yourself. He died on the 23rd April 2004. It is 10th August, 2004, today.

However, I have been trying to get something done. I have written to a range of South Yorkshire Police, to the South Yorkshire Police Authority, which does not seem to have the authority to insist that anything is done, to The Police Complaints Authority, which sounds promising.

I have also written to the Home Secretary, three times. Letters are coming back...

But still no investigation is under way. Words like 'reprehensible' and 'disgraceful' and 'deriliction of duty' keep drifting through my head. Not sure why.

Very shortly I expect they think that I will turn into sweet-mild-mannered-white-haired-old-lady - and go away. Tough. If that is what anyone thinks, they should realise that it's not likely to happen.

Please be reassured, that I am still not Ralph Winstanley.

Ralph Winstanley is dead. I am his very angry elder daughter, Charlotte.

See ya soon.

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Health Care Cash Coshes Truth

Yes, that is precisely what solicitors for Doncaster Central Primary Care Trust and Doncaster East Primary Care Trust are doing with Public Health Care money.

They are threatening me for telling the truth. More than that, they have threatened my former Web Server, Portland Communications.

They have sent a letter which maligns my intellectual property and says that what I say is defamatory. Further they say that my song, called in deference to the original, Abide With Me (unauthorised version), is no more than a poem.

They are stating that I am telling lies, in that what I say cannot be 'defamation' if it is the truth.
In doing this they are probably entering the arena of defamation, both on their own behalf and on behalf of both Doncaster East and Doncaster Central Primary Care Trusts.

Do read their letter to Portland Communications, which is re-produced below.

Still I think I can reasonably say that most of the people in England would disagree with such treatment for the truth.
However, that does not get me over the problem, ‘what to do now?’

Well, what I would like is some support, from like-minded people.

If you object to the anti-democratic actions of this bunch, perhaps you might like to help me?

Would you like to write to:
Mr Simon Morritt,
Chief Executive,
Doncaster Central Primary Care Trust,
White Rose House,
Ten Pound Walk,
or email:
or fax: 01302 365 208 or 01302 365 2304

and ask him something like the questions below?

1 What do you, as Chief Executive of Doncaster Central Primary Care Trust, and as the man who took ‘Lead Role’ in this matter, from Jayne Brown, and therefore also represent Doncaster East Primary Care Trust, intend to do about the death of Ralph Winstanley?


2 What do you intend to do to alter the system in place at both Primary Care Trusts, to prevent other people from being at risk of the same fate?


3 What made you think that you had the right to shut down a personal web site, on the spurious grounds that were given to Portland Communications? Namely:
a that it contained a poem called ‘mainline to murder’, which it did not.
b that it contained a poem, which it did not.
c that it contained lies, which it did not.


4 What restitution are you, personally and professionally, going to make, in respect of this destructive and undemocratic act?

Enquiries could also be sent to

Mrs Elizabeth Hedge,
Complaints Manager,
Doncaster Central & Doncaster East Primary Care Trusts (same address as above)
liz.hedge@nhs.net or liz.hedge@doncastercentralpct.nhs.uk

Of course South Yorkshire Police is refusing to even begin an investigation into this death. Remember, he died on 23rd April. I am writing this over three months after he died.

Why? Well, they tell me that they can’t investigate a death, or anything surrounding a death, unless the Coroner asks them to.

Finally, if the Coroner doesn’t ask them to investigate, then they will be content to do nothing.

So that should make us all feel safe in our beds, shouldn’t it?

If you object to this, perhaps you might like to help by writing to the Chief Constable of South Yorkshire Constabulary,
Mr Mike Hedges,
Chief Constable,
South Yorkshire Police HQ,
Snig Hill,
Sheffield. S3 8LY
or to the Head of CID,
Detective Chief Superintendent John Hudson? (same address as above)
They could be asked something like this

1 Would you demand and investigation if it were your son/daughter/mother/father/sister/brother were unlawfully killed?
2 If not, why not?
3 What would you do instead?

Send me a copy. I would love to hear from you at

Speak to ya soon.

Daughter of the Doomed

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Winstanley family history

Now Ralph Winstanley had two sons, as well as two daughters. (His daughters, by the way, are called Linda and Charlotte - formerly Christine)

His two sons both worked in the family business, at Doncaster Road, Wath-upon-Dearne, near Rotherham, South Yorkshire, England. It was called, Mowing Machine Maintenance. It later moved to Wet Moor Lane, still in Wath.

Ralph Winstanley (junior) left school aged 15 and went straight into the family business. He worked until he fell over. He covered for Ralph, his father, until he could stand it no more.

In the meantime, Ralph junior's younger brother, Richard, had also left school and weedy little soul that he then was, he was hurled headlong into working even more hours there, than he had when still at school.

Ralph Winstanley, senior, had, for many years, been a betting man. As 'his' affluence grew, he joined the Hunt, leaving his two sons to keep the money rolling in. Then he bought a racehorse.

His lifestyle (oh yes, he had a lifestyle - even then - back in the 1960s),did not include his family. He discovered Lord Oaksey, betting friends, people to impress.

Sometimes he would turn up at work and try to be the boss. This was getting increasingly difficult. He understood very little of the make-up of the firm. He took money away to spend, but did little, over many years.

His first wife, and his younger daughter worked in the firm. They did the books, until the wrangling got too much. Even his elder daughter worked, exercising his spare horses, for a very short time.

His first wife realised that he would never be a faithful husband. He never had been, after all, in all the years of their marriage. She had struggled valiantly, with little help, to rear their four children, waiting until they were grown up before finally throwing in the towel.

In 1976 she divorced him.

He had left her, yet again, for a 'bicycle woman'. He rode tandem with many. This one was a helper at a Primary School in Denaby, South Yorkshire. She thought that a bicycle was to ride.

He didn't want a divorce. He approached his elder daughter, saying, "your mother says she's going to divorce me. Tell her she can't".

His elder daughter replied, "I've been telling her for years that she should divorce you. You sleep around with anything that moves. You treat her badly. She needs some peace. She ought to divorce you. You don't want her. Why shouldn't she divorce you?"

Bicycle from Moss

Later, he approached the same daughter - who had wished him well in his second marriage - and said, "Thanks for your good wishes, but I really don't want to get married." However, he did get married.. or so they said.

His younger daughter, Linda, wrote to the place where they were supposed to have been married. The Registrar, wrote to say that this had happened in 1978. Ralph's 'intended' had not been divorced until 1980, so quite how legal it was, is a moot point.

For over 14 years now, he had not 'got on' with either his elder or his younger son. He seemed to have fallen in with a bad lot, when he joined the Badsworth Hunt. In 1987, he sold the business from under his younger son, giving him two days notice of when it would finally be gone.

Following this, his sons were dispossessed of their Farm, (yes, the 'mess of pottage' did come into it), which had been bought in their names, and treated like strangers in a strange land, mostly by the second 'wife'. (If you can imagine a sort of super-cuckoo?)

However, his younger son was given the Tenancy of Manor Farm, house and garden. The second 'wife' was to use the farmland for her Welsh ponies. This was fine - except that he and his wife were then driven off the land by some malign force, which badly damaged the younger son's legs, and cut water pipes and electricity cables and mixed them together. Curiously South Yorkshire Police Force never did get to the bottom of it. Well, they wouldn't, would they? It seems they never investigated it.

The Tenancy agreement was then changed to an Agricultural Tenancy, which pre-supposed that the whole of the land at the farm was also included in the agreement since an agricultural tenancy must include agricultural land.

Also Ralph Winstanley gave his younger son, Richard, the Deeds to Manor Farm, to hold, to 'keep them safe'.. from someone? Now, why would he do that?

For over 14 years now, Richard, has been taken through a series of Courts; Bankrupted through one - even though this was done illegally, as Lord Justice Aldous and Lord Justice Mummery found - and has had his family life ruined by some malignancy.

Who is responsible for this?
Could it have been the Accountants?
Could it have been the Litigation Solicitors?
Could it have been the 'wife'?

Was she ever a 'wife'?

She certainly had Reece, the pony, shod in contemplation of Ralph
Winstanley's funeral, three days before he died.

She certainly was very resistant to Ralph having even a change of bedding, as he lay dying?

She wailed and told everyone that he was being terribly sick and was sicking up blood, when he wasn't.

She celebrated with pornography and gin as he lay dying.

She held a 'Thanksgiving Service', well before he could be buried. (Such a 'caring' soul?)

At the Thanksgiving Service, she had his saddle and hunting ' pink' hauled into the church by the undertaker. (Well, I suppose it found him something to do, since he coudn't do the burial. It was at the suggestion of a 'good friend' Ifor Williams.. so we are told. So, what gave him such an idea? Was it just that he was short of a 'good Thanksgiving'? Could it have been that he was a highly religious man? Probably we'll never know.

Visitors said it was a most peculiar 'do'. A church, a funeral, no body, no offspring, no real religion.. but at least the photographers went. Perhaps it was intended to be a wedding? If so, then the bride seems to have been 'The Bride of Death'.

And there lies Ralph Winstanley, in a freezer in Sheffield. Mourned by whom?
By his younger daughter, Linda.

Certainly, he was not mourned by Nina's younger daughter, who 'watched for his toes to turn black'. A 'bit of a treat' for her, I suppose? But why would she want to watch such a thing happen? Is television so boring? Hasn't she got a life?

NB: Not sure how she knew about that.. but she was determined to see it all.. kept lifting up the sheet.

Family history is such an interesting subject, don't you think? There will be more, mentioning names. The history of my family includes legal battles, which were not asked for, solicitors who were - and are - rather good at soliciting, accountants of family firms, who managed not to see Ralph Winstanley - even though they did? Such strange conundrums..

To conclude: Ralph Winstanley is still in a freezer in Sheffield. He is pretty dead. However, he is still not cremated. So there is some hope that we can find out more.

Do not forget. I am not Ralph Winstanley. Ralph Winstanley is still dead. Mustn't sail under false colours, must I? Oh, and one more thing..just because he was less than perfect, (no-one's perfect, after all), doesn't mean he should have died as he did. Does it?

Speak to ya soon.

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Still they will not let us see

UPDATE 1st August 2004

Doncaster East and Doncaster Central Primary Care Trusts, still will not allow Linda Kirby and Charlotte Peters Rock have copies of their father's medical records.

Ralph Winstanley was put down to die in April this year. He is still not buried. He died at Grange Farm, Moss, Doncaster. He had help from both Primary Care Trusts.

When his daughters queried the fact that the Clinical Notes File, written up and kept at Grange Farm, Pinfold Lane, Moss, Doncaster, had been extensively altered, the man who had just taken on 'Lead Role' in the case, Simon Morrit, Chief Executive, Doncaster Central Primary Care Trust, began to make a decision.

His decision seems to have been that he would not speak to women who queried the veracity of the Clinical Notes File. He seems to think that that is his job - 'sending people to Coventry'. We do not need to go to Coventry. Coventry would not be close enough to Doncaster. Doncaster is the place where this man has made such a peculiar decision. Why has he made this decision? Could it be that he has something to hide? Perhaps he is guarding someone else's back?

How can we tell.? He has an email address at simon.morritt@doncastercentralpct.nhs.uk Perhaps if anyone could find out, and let me know, ralphwinstanley@yahoo.co.uk we could overcome the problem. I can no longer visit his building, write to him by letter, email or fax. Nor can I telephone him. Such a pity. Such a nice little man!

Why, for that matter, has Jayne Brown, Chief Executive of Doncaster East Primary Care Trust, relinquished her 'Lead Role' to Simon Morritt, whilst refusing to give access to Ralph Winstanley's Medical Records? Could it be that she has something to hide?

Did she only relinquish her 'Lead Role' because of her recent honour, (OBE) or because she is moving to 'a Strategic Health Authority near York'? Is it that she just didn't have the time to deal with death, in her rush up the ladder?

What a pity. As Ralph Winstanley's daughters, we seem to have no choice but to deal with death. My sister Linda and I were so concerned about the manner of our father's death, that we have dealt with little else, for over three months now.

Still I haven't been banned from writing to her, well not so far as I know, so perhaps I'll send her an email at jayne.brown@doncastereastpct.nhs.uk and ask if she has changed her mind yet. If 'Lead Role' is to be passed round like a relay baton, it is useful to know that the next 'runner' is not a butterfingers, don't you think?

Whilst everyone seems to be going away on holiday, here we are, working towards a just conclusion. Pity that South Yorkshire Police Force felt unable to join us. But there, perhaps they're all on holiday?

This work is made the harder because of the intransigence of paid servants of the two Primary Care Trusts.

Having been banned from the Primary Care Trusts premises; and from writing to Simon Morritt, by letter, by email, by fax; and also banned from telephoning him; a small but perfectly-formed picture is beginning to emerge.

It looks like an ostrich. It hasn't got a head. No, it's neck leads into the ground. Ah yes, now I have it. It's head is buried in the ground. No, wait. It isn't an ostrich after all. It seems to be wearing a suit. It bears a badge. I wonder what the badge says? Ah, yes. Something about 'Lead Role'.

I didn't know that Primary Care Trusts issued badges. I wonder if they have one which says, 'OBE - too busy climbing'?

It's so good that intentions are marked. I do worry about that badge though. What does 'Lead Role' mean?

Answers on a postcard please.

Charlotte (Daughter of the Departed)

PS Ralph Winstanley is still dead. He does not lie easy. He is waiting for justice. It seems to be a long wait.)

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