2005 - A Happy New Year?

On the threshold of a new year, it is interesting to reflect that my father, Ralph Winstanley, who might have been here to enjoy it, has been dead for more than 8 months. Yet he is still not buried. (As far as I know.) He did have the Thanksgiving for his Death, presided over by the Rev Eve Atherfold, against his own family's wishes. This was a curious affair. The Scythe Carrier, unable to bury him, carried a saddle into the church, resplendent in hunting pink. Various people turned pale at this as they assumed it was a person. Was there a burial for the saddle and hunting pink? Did no-one invite me? Perhaps as well really.

Numerous new friends of ours, have been very helpful in filling in the picture of his last few years. They have told us about his property dealings, and about his personal dealings. There is always room for more information.

If you can add to it, please ring me on 0156 572 2738 or 07050 183 417

In the interests of justice - and by this I mean actual justice - we need to know as much as possible.

One thing is quite certain. Those who should have brought strength, fairness and information to my father's aid, failed him before he died. They also fail, in respect of aiding justice, after he has died. Yet many are being paid from the public purse. Isn't it strange?

Doncaster East Primary Care Trust and Doncaster Central Primary Care Trust, having agreed, in writing, that I was entitled to copies of my father's medical records, have denied adequate access, releasing only a small number of messed about notes, which prove even so, what happened. Will anyone take notice of this though? Certainly there are people who would prefer that they didn't. One of them lives very close to Grange Farm.

When I pointed out that the released records were legally bound to be accurate records, and that those released to me were far from accurate, Simon Morritt, Chief Executive of Doncaster Central PCT - now replaced by Ann Ballarini- and Jayne Brown, OBE, Chief Executive of Doncaster East PCT - and her replacement, Christine Boswell, are all refusing to accept that it is their legal duty to release accurate records. Are we really paying these people? If so, why?

In what I see as, the usual slithering fashion of pen pushers and breeze-makers, the original blockers of medical records have both gone - presumably - upstairs.

Simon Morritt, Chief Executive of Doncaster Central PCT, has since moved to West Yorkshire Health Authority, for some reason.
Jayne Brown, OBE, Chief Executive of Doncaster East PCT, has moved to North and East Yorkshire & North Lincolnshire Strategic Health Authority, so I'm told.

So the new-mint Chief Executives can heave a sigh of relief and state that they are merely following the status quo. Whatever happened to professional responsibility? Isn't that what we are overpaying them for?

Then there are the so-called solicitors.

Nina Clayton is weaving her jolly way through yet another set as I write. So now she has dealt with
Paul and Martin Pennington of Frank Allen Pennington,
Jonathon Goodwin of Bridge Sanderson Munro,
(who produced a most hilarious 'will'), and is now with
David Coupland of Parker Rhodes,
having already had property dealings with
Taylor Bracewell.

Pretty soon, if I wanted to take the woman to court, there would be no solicitor left to use.

She has stopped my mother's alimony, probably illegally; and her past and current solicitors are fully aware of this. She is currently working her way through even more money than she did as my father lay 'being helped to die'. Mostly it seems to be going into the capacious pockets of solicitors, though she did set some aside for a nice cruise. Well she had to get over her grief somehow, didn't she?

There was also a new horse box, bought as my father died, (for ponies which she tells people she has got rid of? Grief plays funny tricks.); and a new building, built as my father died; which absolutely wouldn't wait until after my father was dead. Then there was the emptying of the bank account and generally staying happy, by tidying up, throwing away and getting his 'friends' to try to send his daughters away, because they (his daughters - not his 'friends'), objected to the way in which he was being 'helped to die'.

So he died with the sound of hammers ringing in his ears, and with Rosemary Cheesman, Nina Clayton's younger daughter, regularly checking beneath the bedclothes to see if his fingers and toes had yet turned black.

It certainly is a 'way to go', but is it a way anyone would choose?

As a Happy New Year, my father is 'deep and crisp and even', in a freezer in Sheffield. So he certainly hasn't gone yet.. as far as I know. (I could be wrong about this. He could be already buried or cremated in the private crematorium which the lovely Nina knows of. He shouldn't be though, legally. But what is actually legal about anything which has happened so far?)

I wish my father's friends
A Happy New Year
I also wish that more of them would get in touch and add to the growing history, which is being complied of my father's life. It is getting very interesting.
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An open letter to Brian and Mary Shields of Ringstead Stud

Dear Brian and Mary Shields,

Since my father, Ralph Winstanley, was used to staying with you over the New Year, I thought I would send you New Year wishes. I am not sure what they should be.

Are you aware that my father was not dying, but was put down at the behest of those supposedly 'nearest and dearest' to him?If so, are you happy about this?

You have gone completely quiet on this matter.But I understood that you were supposed to be my father's friends? Were you?

If so, does it matter that he should really have been alive to stay with you this year? Do you care that his life was cut short?

My father, Ralph Winstanley, cared little for his own family. I am his elder daughter. I have always felt that he would really have been better off without any children of his own; but there you are. We don't always get what we would like.

He certainly loved my mother and didn't want her to divorce him. She, you will be interested to know, has been without her maintenance money since the day that he died. This is something which I know he would not have wished, since he set up an account particularly to pay her each week, and was very upset when Nina Clayton closed it in 2000, putting it right at that time (though not since his death, of course).

Nina Clayton took great pleasure in writing to my sister (not, you will notice, my mother), to say it would be in abeyance. Brian Shields, I know, is (when that should be possible), an executor of my father's estate.

My father had four of us, with my mother, (his first wife), Nettie. Hardly a mistake, surely? Though he was never either kind or fatherly. But, at our ages, we can cope with that. There are always friends after all.

My sister was the only one who found a way to get on with him.. and even she had difficulties, because of Nina Clayton's nastiness, over many years.

But you were his friends. Or were you?

If it is of any interest to you to know, exactly what happened to my father, perhaps you would contact me? (0156 572 2738 or 07050 183 417)

The New Year of Ralph Winstanley's offspring, is a curious and messy business to look forward to.However, since we are all of one mind, perhaps I could tell you what this is? We object to the deliberate killing of an old man, who seemed to have outlived his usefulness. We will not settle, until the fraud and killing, which has taken place on my father, is resolved to our satisfaction.

If you have Nina Clayton as a guest, over the New Year, perhaps you would reflect on this? Perhaps you would also reflect on the fact that my father, still unburied, lies in a freezer in Sheffield?

He would have been 84 on the 25th January, 2005. Perhaps we will be allowed to bury him then?

I wish you a Happy and Reflective New Year. I wish my father a decent burial.. which would be more decency than he was allowed at his early death.

I will expect that both of you will speak as his friends at his inquest and at his funeral. My father had a great need of friends.. and a dearth of them at his death.

Yours sincerely,

Charlotte (elder daughter of Ralph Winstanley)
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Big Brother has taken over the playpen and the little ones aren’t safe

I hear Nina Clayton has a 'nursing friend', who has a pony.. which competes. Isn't that interesting?

Also it seems hardly likely that the 'famous' International Equestrian Show Judge, who opened Iron Horse Equestrian Supplies in October, and who so I hear has more than a passing interest in the establishment and it's operation, would get rid of her own horseflesh.

Curiously Jean and Roy Waterworth, who feature not at all in the last few year's electoral rolls, for Moss, have been given £10,702 by the Rural Business Growth Programme, to diversify 'their' farm operation. Well, that was kind! Don't you think? (What farm operation? They don't seem to have lived at the farm. It seems that no-one did.) But perhaps they are absentee farm operators? Who can say?
More information can be found here. http://www.blsy.com/news/detail.asp?id=129
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Dead Man Walking - post number 1

This post has been at the bottom of this page for far too long.. so I've re-dated it to give you the chance to read it.
Abide with me
Abide with me; fast falls the eventide;
The darkness deepens; Lord with me abide.
When other helpers fail and comforts flee,
Help of the helpless, O abide with me.
~ Henry Francis Lyle
Do read on. There's more to this than meets the eye.
There are names, links, letters, comments.

Smiles and eyes follow into dreams

Abide with me
(unauthorised version)
In memory of Ralph Winstanley

by Charlotte Peters Rock

His mother said - as she was getting on
Abide with me Lord I will soon be gone
Take me I pray and you will set me free
Give me release in you Abide with me

He found himself he wanted nothing more
Be in his way and you’d be shown the door
I know this true He walked all over me
Til it was hard to say Abide with me

Each funeral time he went - to give him due
Ever the same song sung to see it through
Be not afraid for surely you can see
For him I changed the song Abide with me

Let not his friends if they were friends at all
If they were friends why did they let him fall?
Let not his friends whose surface I can see
Let not his friends enjoin Abide with me

No Christians they - nor was his ‘wife’ so-called
Less Christian folk you’d not find in the world
Their charity - no one could disagree
Frozen - forgot to say Abide with me

His doctor said I soon must go away
I’ll show ‘clean heels’ He’s ‘terminal’ I say
Nurse him to death He’s old as you can see
No food nor fluids please Just let him be

Sunday 'wife' said He’s dying I can tell
Terminally he is not very well
Dreadfully sick and coughing blood you see
Heart-failed and anxious, oh please set me free

He was quite calm He walked in spite of her
Swallowed and talked He drank and coughed quite clear
Willing to live - His chemotherapy
Never once mentioned in this death decree

Each Christmas time 'wife' pushed her family
Before he died her daughter Rosemary
Looked for black toes - as black as black could be
Quite fascinated by morbidity

Rosie still tried tried to 'help him out' as well
He’s always ‘reaching’ (sic) but I will not dwell
Tries to be sick My mum and I agree
Not indigestion It’s malignancy

'Family Fun' - to find the Pharmacy
Bringing the drugs to 'help Ralph out' you see
Frazer made sure - as Nina's family
he fetched the drugs for Ralph's 'malignancy'

They drugged him up from drug to drug he went
No overdose they said nor bad intent
His pressure point was black as black could be
His bedding stank Each nurse ignored my plea

His notes were changed The District Nurse made sure
Safe in her hands in death he had his cure
Great play was made in new notes as we see
Of careful nursing skill I don’t agree

Lorna made sure - in three nights she took care
Ralph was in safe hands Notes were very clear
More than the rest - she cared and we could see
She came to help and say Abide with me

(Lorna was true humanity. Such obvious care should be recognised.
To my sister and I, she was a 'bright light' in a 'dreadfully dark night'.)

‘Wife’ shod the horse three days before he died
To lead his funeral in premedicide
Determined she - a widow she would be
She drank a toast to death and laughed in glee

Why did he die? - an old man this is true
Who pushed him out? - please tell me tell me who
'Wife' saw him off - the Health Authority
And Dr Brown said Don’t abide with me

What do I say It’s murder thus I say
This man was murdered, I won’t go away
We tried to stop - they would not let him be

They said You’re off You can’t abide with me

I would not see my father die this way
I’d not be here to tell you this today
No man deserves to be put down I see
Trust not the ‘bike’ who says Abide with me

Fend for yourself Police won’t keep you safe
More than my father was safe from his ‘wife’
Justice is lame whilst murders are free
And facts are hid by Jayne Brown OBE

Two Primary Care Trusts - Morritt in the lead
Hid evidence and covered murderous deed
Trust not your life nor if you dying be
Trust not the Trusts who say Abide with me

Stripped by the ones who took his cash and ran
Turned back to take each ha’penny from that man
He stood no chance Solicitors with glee
And then Accountants cried Abide with me

His mother died She tried her whole long life
She would be shocked that he had such as ‘wife’
He chose his path no-one can disagree
He chose to say Please don’t Abide with me

Abide with him - if Grandma’s Lord’s still there
Certain she was - and she had Lord to spare
I’ll help myself for certainly I see
Welcoming friends will come abide with me

Abide with them Fast falls their eventide
Their darkness deepens Lord with them abide
When other helpers failed and comforts fled
Help of the helpless Lord They left him dead

(The information above, is absolutely as factually accurate as I can make it. Nothing is gained by prevarication - only by the truth. The song, taking factual truths, is my own opinion. This is something to which I am legally entitled, even in this slitheringly undemocratic country of England)


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Are we waiting for the half-life to run out?

I understand that drugs have what is known as a 'half-life'. That seems to mean that drugs fade away. They are put into the body and after a certain time, there is no remaining evidence that they were ever there. Isn't that interesting?

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Will it be Christmas then?

The 'lovely Nina', so I hear, is saying, so I'm told, to many people, that she will hold a funeral at Christmas.

So, that will be interesting.

Will the Authorities, who are involved in this fiasco of a murder allow it?

That would be even more interesting.

It's not that it would matter too much to my sister and I. (Well, it has been over 7 months after all.) It's just that it is interesting to note how much people seem to think they can manipulate the so-called 'proper authorities'. Perhaps they can't. Who can tell?

What I find to be of overwhelming interest is, the number of people who have given me information.
Where it is accurate, it is invaluable.

It will be exciting to notice whether my father's funeral is held, by someone who certainly was glad to be rid of him, (to put it at its mildest), on Christmas Eve. (Or perhaps it will be the inquest which is held then.. when unfortunately most solicitors are away..skiing and such..)

Will Messers Penningtons be away?

I am watching with bated breath.

What do you think?

I also watch to see the general wrigglings of the Primary Care Trusts - who seem to have indicated to the Health Care Commission that my sister might be asking for compensation. (I should qualify this by stating that I think they mean monetary compensation. If that is true, then it is an absolute lie. (perhaps I could repeat, It is an absolute lie.)) However, the Health Care Commission, which by the way, seems to have no teeth.. no not one.. and it is brand new! (What hope is there?) seems to believe this tosh.

My sister is, however, asking for a form of compensation, as I am. She and I are asking that my father's murderers are brought to justice. Is this too much to ask?

Charlotte Peters Rock
Daughter of the Deceased

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Cruising to where?

The interesting thing about the lovely Nina being away on her cruise, as various people have told me, is that she is using the money which should go to my mother.

She is stealing the money - as far as I can see - which my father had set aside for my mother's upkeep. My mother put up with my father's consorting with prostitutes and others, until it became no longer bearable. She thought a lot about my father, but there were limits.

Her divorce settlement has been in abeyance since the day that my father was killed. (23rd April 2004)

Nina Clayton, who never wanted my father's name, took his money and is currently using it - so I'm told - to take herself and Jill Ward, on a cruise. This is a most laudible achievement, for a low life. But it is hardly the sort of thing which could be expected of a genuinely grieving widow whose husband is, as yet, unburied. I understand that she might have taken several unsubtle wigs with her, which might show her in a light rather more becoming than her present shortage of hair.

However, there is still the problem of what Nettie Marguerite Winstanley is supposed to live on.

It is becoming apparent that she will need to take some of Grange Farm, which is a property which Ralph Winstanley paid for.

It is a pity that this will be the case, but after all she did put up with his philandering with a multitude of women, before finally throwing in the towel, and giving him away, to his current whatever-she-was. I am aware that he never wanted to re-marry because he said so. Perhaps this was because of the company he was keeping? I do not know.

But he took me to one side, before my mother divorced him and said he didn't want her to divorce him.

When I heard he was to be married again, I went to see him. I said I was happy for him. I thought he had found his match. However, he wasn't happy. He said he didn't want to be married to her. Yet he finally seems to have married. I wonder why? What sort of imperative would there be?

It seems I might have been right, about him finding his match. I would rather not have been. It gives me no pleasure.

My father should have been alive now. He has been dead for 7 months.

There is still no Pathology Report. There is still no burial.

He still lies, so I'm told, in the Medico Legal Centre in Sheffield; where I understand Dr Shipman also lies.

My mother has not been paid her alimony since the 23rd April, 2004. That is the day when my father died. Nina Clayton is - so I am told - cruising.

However, she cannot cruise forever.

Charlotte Peters Rock
(Elder daughter of Ralph Winstanley)
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Remembrance - and Ralph Winstanley

11th November 2004
An open letter to South Yorkshire Police, Doncaster East and Doncaster Central Primary Care Trusts – and the so-called ‘friends’ and ‘caring people – who surrounded the death of Ralph Winstanley

On the 11th hour of the 11th month, I was reflecting on the millions of people who died, during the wars of the 20th century and since, and wondering why they bothered.

Young men and women laid down their lives for democracy; for peace; for freedom.

The end result of this is the extremes of misery which still abound amongst the people who led the world in this fight.

We are left with a country where the old can be murdered in their beds and police turn a blind eye, when evidence is presented to them on a plate.

This shambles negates the terrible deaths of generations of people who fought to keep us safe.

Sitting in your eyrie, I do trust that you have found the time to reflect upon this? Though I doubt it very much.

Yours sincerely,
Charlotte Peters Rock
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Like Fairy Godmothers at Sleeping Beauty's Christening

They came, to gather in a covey. Around the bed - no, sorry, not around the bed.. away from the bed. In the room next-door-but-one, around the papers.

Similar to the tale of Sleeping Beauty.. but not quite the same.

It was a gathering of Section A Welsh Pony Studs.. well, not the entire studs.. just the owners.

Keith and Sandy Goodwin of Tame Valley Stud - Section A Welsh Ponies.. all the way from Leicestershire - Packington's a long way off - nearly into Leicester.. just to see Ralph before he died..well, not quite. They did stick their heads round the door though..well I'm sure one of them must have done.

I wonder if they're related to Jonathan? Sweet little Jonathan Goodwin, who won't talk about the 'will. Well I say 'will', but you understand, I use the term 'will' very loosely. I wonder if they're related? Same surname, afer all. Now obviously Jonathan solicits. Does Keith? No. I'm told they're not related, Keith's an estate agent. Sandy said they weren't related.. and she should know.

Brian and Mary Shields.. Ringstead Stud, Section A Welsh Ponies. Good friends of Ralph's..well you'd think so. Brian seems to appear as an Executor of Ralph's 'will'. They came all the way from South Lincolnshire, leaving their Ringstead Stud for the day, to see Ralph. Not too keen to go into the room where he was dying though. Rather keener, it would seem, on helping to sort through the paperwork, which possibly was nothing to do with them. Pity, that. Such a long way to come, as the man was dying. Perhaps they were shy and couldn't bear to see him? Perhaps they realised that he thought he was being helped to live?

Gordon Denton, now he did come into the room. Having arrived from Soldanella Stud in Crowle. He sat there.. Perhaps he was weighing up his job? The job, so my sister and I were told by Nina, (early grieving widow), was to drive the specially shod pony, (shod on Tuesday, ready for the death), Rhys (Reece? Rees?) to the funeral - though what the poor benighted pony had done to deserve this, I am not quite sure.

Anyway, at least Gordon came into the room... and sat awhile. It was a comfort to my sister and I to know that our father might have had a friend.. if Gordon was a friend? Was he? Did he know how our father was dying? Did he approve of what was happening?

Certainly, when I rang him, he refused to speak to me. I do wonder why?

It was just like a gathering of fairy godmothers.. more or less.

But the piece de resistance, after my father died, was the Thanksgiving. Now, I was told that it was organised by Ifor. Sorry, let me introduce you.

Ifor Williams, of Randan, Section A Welsh Pony Stud, right down in Huntington, Herefordshire.

He thought so much about our father, Ralph, that - so I was told - he organised a 'religious' ceremony - which would have been very much against our aetheist father's wishes, with follower of the hunt, the Reverend Eve Atherfold, who was so keen to collect his soul - or at least the wealth of his soul - that she continued with the saddle and pink ceremony, very much against his own family's wishes.

Still it suited the grieving widow. Her hair was specially done.

Pity the photographer had such a rough time. Shouldn't live in the Wild West, I suppose.

No. Ifor told me that he didn't organise the Thanksgiving. I believe him. So, who's telling porkies then?

Now the interesting thing to wonder is, why did they all gather, as my father was dying? Let alone, after he died.

What were they doing? Certainly they were all going through a lot of paperwork, in the room where all of Ralph's paperwork was kept. That is the paperwork which he had given to his younger daughter to sort out for him. She, of course was too concerned about his dying to sort it out then.

It vanished on that day. (Thursday 22nd April, 2004). Just like magic. I wonder what happened to it? Did Ralph's 'friends' come to take a piece of it away? Perhaps a small amount of paperwork each? Something like a part of the Berlin Wall?

You remember how people came, from all over the world to remove (buy?) a piece of the wall, when it came down? Perhaps it was like that?

If not, what else were they doing? I do wonder.

They were certainly not rushing in to see a dying man.. with the minor exception of Gordon.

Thank goodness for Gordon. Though he wouldn't speak to me, when I telephoned him recently. And I still wonder why. If he was a friend of my father, shouldn't he have wished him well?

Gordon Denton, so I'm told, didn't go in for 'kissee, kissee'. He objected to it. So what does he think he knows? Does he feel deprived because he couldn't drive the horse to the funeral? Does he care that the man was dead?

More to the point, dear Gordon, does he care how the man died? Or if it was his time to die?

Perhaps Gordon might like to let me know?

Charlotte Peters Rock
(Elder daughter of Ralph Winstanley - who only had two daughters. My sister, Linda is the other. Of course he also had two sons.)
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Happy Family Days

At Arthur Michael's house, with (left to right)
Arthur Michael, Ralph, Linda (younger daughter),
Richard (younger son)and Ralph's wife, Nettie
(the mother of his only 4 children)

The photograph above, shows Ralph in happier times - before the rot set in.

Regular readers will be interested to know that various people are helping with information, so that my father, Ralph Winstanley, can finally be laid to rest in peace.

I understand that the woman he lived with, will shortly be celebrating her holidays.

More later. I might be busy this week. But do keep the information coming in. It is very much appreciated.

Charlotte - elder daughter of Ralph Winstanley

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Debbie's place - and Linda's birthday

Following one message, on Thursday, 7th October, from Debbie Unsworth of Fosterhouses Stud, (Section A Welsh Pony breeder), of Fishlake, Doncaster, I reproduce part of the further abusive message which she left on my mobile phone a few minutes later. Unfortunately I cannot, at this time, reproduce the rest of the message, as I am informed that it will be needed for a court hearing.

Charlotte, if you’re going to leave slanderous messages on the world wide web, you should at least have the courage to speak to the people who you’ve named. I think it’s absolutely appalling, as you know it’s also against the law to put things such like th..as that on the world wide web.

I strongly object to you slandering myself, my partner and my stud and am not having someone like you, ruining the good name that it’s taken us 10 years to build up with this stud farm. I suggest, very strongly, that you retract the emails that you have sent out and you put an accompanying letter with them explaining about (unintelligible)

The only comments which I had made in respect of her was that she stated that she hardly knew - and had been frightened of - my father; that she nevertheless stayed in the room for two whole days as he died; and that she bred Section A Welsh Ponies. It says so on her web site at http://www.fosterhouses.com/ - and look on the page 'For Sale'

When my sister rang her after our father died, to ask why she had sat there, for so long, with an unconscious man she 'hardly knew', she responded with very loud abuse, as did her partner. I heard it across the room. When I spoke to them, they were equally abusive to me.. for some reason.

It is fortunate indeed that she chose to record her latest tirade.

What my family and I cannot understand is why she chose to be so nasty, following an event where she stated over and over again that she 'hardly knew' the man who was dying.

In spite of the extremes of worry to which my sister and I were subjected, because of the situation at Grange Farm as our father was dying, we had shown her only friendliness and concern.

Her response was in such terms as the above. Why?

It certainly makes me wonder, more than ever, what she was doing there. She didn't seem to be keeping Nina Clayton company. Nina Clayton was rarely in the same room.. except for the last two hours of my father's life, when she shook with mirth and waved lots of photographs of naked people - in curious positions - past my sister, who was already shocked and in grief. Oh yes. In the interests of accuracy, I should point out that Nina Clayton did dash into the room each time any nurses came, to coo 'lovey-dovey' words, at some distance - to an unconscious man - before clearing off again.

Nina Clayton, a Section A Welsh Pony Judge, http://www.wpcs.uk.com/society/judgeslist.pdf
seemed to find judging work far more compelling than her sick 'husband', being out judging just before and just after his death.

On my sister's birthday, the 11th April, my father had been left alone with his worries from 6am because her Welsh Pony judging was more important to her. At 6pm, when she returned, he was suddenly 'rushed into hospital, dying' - as my sister was told by Nina Clayton - in an ambulance, 'with oxygen'.

When we arrived at the hospital, at around 7pm, he was sitting up on a hospital trolley, perfectly alright. He did look a bit confused. As he said to us, he couldn't work out why he was there. He kept saying that he wanted to go home. He was sent home, at 10.02pm with no treatment given - or recommended to be given.

I do wonder why he was there.. why on her birthday, my sister had had to face such a dramatic and upsetting time.. especially since she had been quietly in her father's company for most of the day. He had rung her at 7.30am to ask what time she was coming to see him.

She always saw him on her birthday. They went out to lunch. This time it was to The Old George, in Sykehouse, Doncaster, from 12noon until 1pm.

It was a favoured place of his. He was friendly with the owners, Janet and Martin Hunton. They went to America, on holiday together, just before Christmas. (He had been fit enough to go to America, and to Tenerife, with Yvonne and Roger Barrett, during December 2003; then to Scarborough for the weekend in January 2004.)

He was a bit frail but he had not been feeling ill when his daughter, Linda, had left him. They'd been sitting outside in the sun, talking. He asked her to put his papers in order. (More about his papers in the next post.) She had left him at around 3pm

Thank you all for returning so regularly. Do keep reading.

Charlotte - elder daughter of Ralph Winstanley
PS There is now a Comment attached to this posting. It is by Debbie Unsworth.

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Wafflers in full flight

South Yorkshire Police uses posh paper. It has a nice little logo, information about how utterly wonderful South Yorkshire Police has been found to be (by people who have not recently had relatives illegally killed, presumably?), and space for replies to letters.

Now that is the problem. No, not the space but what goes into the space. The space is perfectly fine. It is a space on posh paper.

The problem is that South Yorkshire Police seems to be the home of The World Waffling Expert - and several runners-up.

Replies to actual letters seem to be beyond these wafflers but they can certainly waffle at a great rate when they finally start. Perhaps they think that the public - of which I am one - will not realise that no letter is actually answered? Perhaps they think that, caught by the wonderfulness of the waffling, we will be transported to 'a far better place' where we will trouble them no longer?

Sorry, didn't work.
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Abstract from Recorder Kealy Judgement 8 July 1998

Recorder Kealy gave Judgement on a case between Richard Winstanley and his father, Ralph Winstanley.

An abstract of this Judgement, which records Nina Anne Clayton's draconian action, against Ralph Winstanley is shown below: Please scroll down).

This serves as an accurate record of what happened between my father Ralph Winstanley and Nina Clayton, whom he is said to have married in late 1987.

By early 1991, (25th February 1991 - just over 3 years after she 'married' him), she laid claim to the entire estate of Ralph Winstanley. She had his passport and all his financial affairs removed from his control. He was not represented in Court. Was he even there, or aware that the case was coming before the court?

Interestingly, various people are stopping our access to the files of 25th February - 1st March - 14th March 1991. The are such people as Court servants, solicitors who claim they have always worked for my father, when on current evidence, they seem to have been working for Nina Clayton; and even a Judge.

What is there in the files which they would like to have kept hidden? There is obviously something. Does that 'something' implicate them in respect of this case? Why else would such people, who are after all public servants, (or certainly who have taken my father's money for work), refuse access to these files? Don't we have a Freedom of Information Act? Are the Freemasons, or some other group, involved in this?

The money which my father had, was being held in Trust for his own family.. and he stated over and over again, to all of us, at various times, that Nina Clayton - and her offspring, which were nothing to do with him - would not have it, but that it would revert to his own family, on his death.

As his elder daughter, never really finding much common ground with my father, I have never had expectations of anything from him. Nor have I now. However, my two brothers, my sister and my mother all worked in the firm of Mowing Machine Maintenance of Wath-upon-Dearne, building up the wealth which eventually accrued when my father sold the business.

Nina Anne Clayton, former wiper-of-bottoms in an unfortunate Infant School at the back end of Denaby, seems to have prospered ever since.

She claims inheritance, from various people. We know that her first husband, from whom she took his name, made sure that she did not inherit his bungalow. He left it to the only child he claimed as his.. and he told everyone who would listen that she was his only child. So who did leave her the wealth? Not the local education committee, that's for sure.
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So who's hiding what?..And why?

It is now around 6 months since the unlawful killing of my father, Ralph Winstanley.

He was 83 years old. He was not dying.. well no more than most people of 83 years old are dying.

He was lain down to die in the April heatwave, with two syringe drivers delivering a cocktail of Morphine. His 'wife', (Nina Anne Clayton, 69), said his heart was failing, yet it took them all 6 days to kill him. She also claimed, with the back-up of her younger daughter, Rosemary, that he was being terribly sick and was fetching up blood. This was completely untrue, but coincided very nicely with the lies which were being propogated by Dr David J Brown. Oesophageal and stomach cancers do produce vomiting with blood. Isn't that curious.?

COMMENT: Must have had a pretty strong heart then, to last out for 6 days, with no food nor fluid - and a cocktail of drugs, none of which was meant to keep him alive.

His doctor, (Dr David J Brown of Field Road Surgery, Stainforth) - for want of a better word - stated, in writing, (28th May, 2004, to Jonathon Goodwin of solicitors, Bridge Sanderson Munro, who was responsible for the fiasco which is my father's 'will'), that his chest and epigastric pain was,

"found to be due to cancer growing around his lower oesophagus and stomach."

As yet, there is still only proof that my father didn't have oesophageal/stomach cancer. That proof is from Doncaster Royal Infirmary, from biopsy results. There is still no pathology report.

COMMENT: Now why would a GP be writing such 'porkies' to a solicitor? Makes you wonder, doesn't it? Did he write to the solicitor because the solicitor was heart-broken and was a good friend of his? Or was it a business arrangement? Certainly I do not know. No-one will tell me.

South Yorkshire Police Force has stated variously, that they would not investigate his unlawful killing unless the Coroner asked them to and that they had already investigated - and found no reason to suppose that it was an unlawful killing. No-one approached my younger sister, who was at our father's bedside for most of the last 6 days of his life. Nor, for that matter, did they approach either my son or my sister's daughter. So what sort of investigation did they do?

COMMENT: Do we really pay these people money? What for? Subterfuge? Inane inaction? Or perhaps it is that being all-seeing beings they can all-seeingly see beyond the other beings into the criminal heart - and expunge its tendencies? What do you think? I think a few people should be in jail.

Doncaster East and Doncaster Central Primary Care Trusts, in the persons of Simon Morritt, (Chief Executive Doncaster Central), Mrs Elizabeth Hedge, (Complaints Manager, both Trusts), Mrs Jayne Brown, (Former Chief Executive, Doncaster East), Dr David J Brown (Caldicott Guardian, Doncaster East, (the one paid to sit on the Medical Records) - and who also appears above), have stopped access to my father's full medical record. They have also, jointly stopped access to parts of the file which it has been agreed, (by them), I am entitled to. The miniscule quantity of medical history which I was given, was presented in a totally mixed-up manner and had pages altered, pages missing and pages added. How does this constitute a 'record' of anything? And, more to the point, where is the rest of it?

COMMENT: It seems to me that The Human Rights Act 1998,The Freedom of Information Act 2000, The Data Protection Act 1998, The Access to Health Records Act 1990 are a total sham; made to appear enlightening but actually to act as Big Brother over our lives. The actions of these people are an utter disgrace. (It's just as if we've been invaded by a foreign army, brought in to keep us down. This 'army' has no need to shoot. It just blocks access in every direction. Fait accompli.

HM Coroner Doncaster, Mr ES Hooper, seems not to be acting; in spite of having enough written evidence put before him to jail several people. He does not reply to letters. He was sending copies of letters, which he wrote to me, (were my letters to him also being passed on? I do not know.) to all sorts of people. People such as litigation solicitors, Frank Allen Pennington, (in the person of Martin Pennington), will-holding solicitors, Bridge Sanderson Munro, (in the person of Mr Jonathon Goodwin), Richard Walker, Funeral Directors, (in the person of Mr Richard Walker). Now why would he do that?

COMMENT: Could it be that they are all good friends? Perhaps it is that they are all Freemasons? I wonder if that is the case?

FURTHER COMMENT: I wonder how many of the people who are blocking the information which my family needs, to jail the people responsible for our father's death, are Freemasons? *(see below)

Certainly this secretive group is known to exist within the Judiciary, within the police, within the legal system generally, within other professional groups such as doctors, and executives.

Should these people (any or all of them), be Freemasons, what sort of Justice can we expect to gain in respect of our father's unlawful killing?

Secretive groups skew justice to the point where it cannot be claimed to exist at all. Why is it accepted that membership of such groups does not need to be admitted to?

Are such groups so strong that they override all democracy and fairness?

*If you are a Freemason, do you declare it? If not, why not? If any of the people who are currently blocking access to justice for my father, Ralph Winstanley, happen to be Freemasons, perhaps they'd contact me and say so. Equally, if any are not Freemasons, perhaps they would also like to contact me and say so. I would be more than happy to put the information up on this site.

Your comments would be very much appreciated.

As are the comments appended to the posting of 7th August, which is called Perhaps he was in the way?

You will notice that the nastiest comments are those of Anonymous. I always find anonymous comment interesting, don't you? Now who would be sending such comment?

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Spreading the truth in Doncaster

Why did they get rid of me?
Well, that's an interesting question. How long's a length of string?

I knew what I was getting into. It was what I wanted. Sex on tap. She was famous round here. Dear Herbert letter. Daughters. Rows of 'em. Absolute rows of 'em.

It all began when she married im. Droppin sprogs any day. Both died. One later than the other. Not so much as an eadstone. Nuthin.

Then there was the 'Dear Herbert' letter, (about which, more later). Noboddy much. Whiskery old fool.
In case you wonder, my father Ralph Winstanley is still dead. South Yorkshire Police Force (for want of a better word), still will not investigate his death. We are still making attemps to get my father's full medical, financial and other records. The one thing which is done in Doncaster is 'wall-building'. The 'walls' built by Doncaster Central and Doncaster East Primary Care Trusts, might be a bit shaky but still they stand. Though I would advise Simon Morritt - and his cohorts - not to stand too close to the other side, as the 'walls' will be coming down - and I'd hate to see him squashed, like a beetle, when they fall.

Here over the next few postings, you will find comments about:
his litigation solicitors - Frank Allen Pennington - who are so committed they are still litigating furiously, after his death, (Without pay? Don't be silly!),
about the policeman, who lived close by,
about the 'friends' - and I use that term extremely loosely, (which seems approproiate in this case),
about the prostitute,
about the daughter,
about the 'deadhead'.
Here you will find comment which, had he been alive - as he should have been, he could have made for himself.
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Hello again,

Nice to see you all. My father is still in a freezer in Sheffield..as far as I know. There is still no Pathology Report. Still no resumed inquest, nor - so far - criminal trial. Though there does need to be.

I have been communicating with the police.. if communicating is the right word to use.

Thought you'd be interested to see how the Horse of British Justice neighs.

PS the mention of passport, (below), is in relation to the fact that they have been made aware that there is also a serious fraud issue here.. possibly of millions of pounds.. but certainly connected, tightly, to my father's death.

Quotes from the senior Police Officers of South Yorkshire, printed below, seem to show the prevalence of a general inertia, in the matter of investigating the unlawful death of my father Ralph Winstanley.

This from the 'Officer in Charge of the "Investigation"':
Once the Coroner receives Professor Whitwell's report he will decide whether he should invite the police to make any further investigations on his behalf. At the moment no other investigation is underway and it would not be appropriate to mount any ancillary investigation until the Coroner has been able to review the diagnosis, care, treatment and death of your father.

In terms of
(the person's) passport, the police have no reason or power to take any course of action that would involve any attempt to seize (the person's) passport. I hope this will suffice until such time as we receive further information from Mr Hooper.

from Detective Superintendent Robert Haworth of South Yorkshire Police on 14th July 2004

And from his superior, 'The Chief Of All Detectives':
Further to your email of 14th July to the Chief Constable, I am aware that Det. Supt. Haworth has already responded to your email, and as he quite rightly points out, we await Professor Whitwell's report prior to any further investigations being instigated. I am satisfied that this is the appropriate course of action and can assure you that when the time comes,any further investigations, if appropriate, will be acted upon diligently and expediently.
In relation to your suggestion that
(the person's) passport should be seized, I am pleased to be able to inform you that Det. Supt. Haworth has also given you the appropriate advice in this respect.

from Detective Chief Superintendent John Hudson on 15th July 2004 - before his quiet retirement.

Back to his subordinate, the Officer in Charge of The "Investigation"

I will continue to seek updates. I can advise you that I am not enquiring into the state of your late fathers bank accounts.
(note the lack of pro-activity in these comments. CPR)
from Detective Superintendent Robert Haworth of South Yorkshire Police on 6th August 2004

And from an Assistant Chief Constable:
It is my understanding that you have had a meeting,
(a meeting which I called for because the police were doing nothing. CPR),
with Superintendent Rob Haworth who set out both verbally and in writing the investigative position of South Yorkshire Police in respect of this matter. I believe that prior to his retirement, Chief Superintendent John Hudson also wrote to you confirming our position. The body of your father and the circumstances of his death currently fall under the jurisdiction HM Coroner, Mr Hooper. Until the full post mortem and toxicology reports are known, he will not be in a position to inform whether, in his opinion, the cause of death was natural or otherwise. As you are aware the results of all of the reports requested by Mr Hooper will not be known until mid September. In the interim all linked enquiries (More about these 'linked enquiries, lower down. CPR) have been made and, at this moment there are no obvious signs of criminality.
Until we are advised to the contrary by Mr Hooper, we are unable to take any further action in respect of this case
from: Assistant Chief Constable Ian Daines of South Yorkshire Police on 24th August 2004.

(He is responsible for sending out replies to various people who wrote enquiring as to why Ralph Winstanley's death was not being investigated. The main content of one of these replies is below.)

Please be assured that the death of Mr Winstanley is being investigated by South Yorkshire Police and his family are being kept informed of progress of the case..
(..which is news to me.. and in view of the statements above and the fact that my sister has not once been approached by the Police..in respect of their 'linked enquiries'.. and she was with my father, as I was, for most of the last 6 days and nights of his life, I would have my doubts about the thoroughness or even the actuality of the investigation. CPR)
from Adrian Fox, Assistant Staff Officer, South Yorkshire Police, on behalf of his superior, Assistant Chief Constable Ian Daines

A good friend of ours, formerly a Manchester solicitor, is now The Public Solicitor in a Commonwealth Country. This is his opinion.

..there is no way that the Police have to wait for the coroner to tell them to investigate a suspected murder case. If that were the case most murder cases would never be solved as Coroners always take months to do their job and the evidence would have disappeared.

A senior employee of South Yorkshire Police Authority wrote:
Dear Madam,

I am writing to acknowlege your email below. Would you also please regard this as an acknowledgement also from my colleagues Shaun Mirfield and Jackie Lacock.

I am also copying this to Assistant Chief Constable Daines, so if he has not received your email direct he will see this copy.

As I said in my letter to you of 8 June - I am enclosing a copy in case you did not receive it - this is matter for the police to deal with and in not a matter in which the Police Authority, nor its Chairman, has any authority. I would recommend that you address your correspondence to Assistant Chief Constable Daines alone.
from: Stuart Lunn, South Yorkshire Police Authority

From: Charlotte Peters Rock [mailto:ralphwinstanley@yahoo.co.uk]

Sent: 01 September 2004 13:38To: Lunn Stuart; etc
Subject: RE: Ralph Winstanley - deceased 23rd April 2004
Dear Mr Lunn,

It might have escaped your notice but one of the words under which you labour is "Authority". So far as I am aware, this signifies that the Police Authority for South Yorkshire has authority over the police of South Yorkshire. If it does not, then how does it justify its existence?

I am enclosing a copy of some of the written comments which I have received from the various levels of South Yorkshire Police. Your Police Authority should be interested in both these and in the comment from a high ranking solicitor, which is reproduced below them.

And now I have your comments to add.

Perhaps you could enlighten me as to exactly what your role is; and also about the role of South Yorkshire Police Authority?

Charlotte Peters Rock

(He has not yet replied).
From: Charlotte Peters Rock [mailto:ralphwinstanley@yahoo.co.uk]
Sent: 27 August 2004 17:02To: Ian.Daines@southyorks.pnn.police.uk; & CCs to others
Subject: Ralph Winstanley - deceased 23rd April 2004
Dear Assistant Chief Constable Daines,

I am writing to you in respect of your email of the 24th August and the conversation which we had on the following day.

I can confirm that Detective Superintendent Robert Haworth has stated to me that the position of South Yorkshire Police is one of waiting to see if the Coroner will ask it to investigate what happened to my father. And that should the Coroner not ask the police to investigate, then the police will do nothing.

So that there can be no room for doubt, I wish to have my understanding of the conversation which I had with you, confirmed.

It was my understanding that you said that South Yorkshire Police had made an 'investigation' of my father's death and that you stated that you were

'satisfied that no criminal activity had taken place'.

If that is correct, perhaps you would confirm it?

I also seem to remember that you also repeated the oft stated line that South Yorkshire Police cannot investigate a murder, without the request of the Coroner.

Also, perhaps you could inform me exactly what investigations you or your officers have made into my father's death?

Did you - or they - make any use at all of the large amount of documentary evidence which my sister, my brother and I have taken the trouble to make sure were copied to you?

If so, which were used in the investigation which you say you have made?

Have you called for the Full Medical History or taken any account of his latter Medical history?

Obviously, to be 'satisfied' you would need to have made some sort of adequate - and unbiased - investigation. As a member of the public, I wish to assure myself that the interests of the public are being served.

As you are now aware, there is a genuine public interest in this matter, in that other members of the general public are equally vulnerable to the 'small difficulty' which my father faced, and which my sister and I also faced. You are aware that this 'small difficulty' resulted in his death. Otherwise, he might have been writing to you instead of my feeling the need to.

Once I know exactly what has been investigated, I will then be in a better position to help the police further, in supplying more documentary evidence, as it comes to hand.. should there be any point to taking such trouble.

Should I not receive any reply to this email, then I will feel free to interpret that lack of reply as I choose.. and will most certainly take it further.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Charlotte Peters Rock
(He has not yet replied)
So does that make you feel safer in your bed?
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Two down - more to go?

Curiously there seems to be a sudden fashion for retirement within the great and good of South Yorkshire.

It was begun by the lovely Jayne Margaret Brown, former Chief Executive of Doncaster East NHS Primary Care Trust. Having been forced into giving me copies of my father's recent Medical Record, she managed to prevaricate over the rest. Indeed she managed to shift the decision-making about the rest to poor Little Simon Morritt, Chief Executive of Doncaster Central NHS Primary Care Trust. Then she 'retired' herself to be Director of Performance Improvement at York-based North and East Yorkshire and Northern Lincolnshire and Strategic Health Authority, where I am sure she will fulfill her true potential.

Following this, I hear that Chief Superintendent John Hudson, has become 'formerly of South Yorkshire Constabulary'. So that's nice for him.

In the case of Ralph Winstanley, it makes very little difference, since John Hudson presided over the non-event of a complete lack of investigation, 'unless HM Coroner, Doncaster, asked his loyal troops to investigate..' which thus far he hasn't. So poor John Hudson might have felt a bit superfluous.. and has probably gone off to tend his roses.

I wonder who else is about to take 'gardening retirement'?

Perhaps they would let me know. I'm sure that a whip-round would produce a Happy Retirement card..unless there are too many of them.

I was informed by one Assistant Chief Constable Ian Daines, that he was aware of this blog site. Fame, at last. Well isn't that wonderful? South Yorkshire Police, in its infinite investigative mode has detected this site. I don't know if I can cope with it. It's all too, too overwhelming!

However, I do not yet feel like celebrating. Assistant Chief Constable Ian Daines, seems to think that South Yorkshire Police Force has conducted an investigation into my father's death. He seems to think that no criminal activity has taken place.. unless I misunderstand him. So I have written to ask if my understanding is correct. I have an awful sinking feeling about this.

If my understanding is correct, it probably means that no-one in South Yorkshire Police Force can read. Alternatively. it could mean that South Yorkshire Police Force think that helping someone who is old to die, when they weren't expecting to die, is legal.

Either way, it probably accounts for the sinking feeling. For goodness sake, I'm not in the first flush of youth.

NOTE: The more wrinkles I have, the further I must stay from the Doncaster - and probably South Yorkshire Police - area. Wouldn't want to die in my bed now, would I? Though I am sure that South Yorkshire's finest would help me.

My father, Ralph Winstanley has just 'celebrated' the 4th month of his death.

I wonder if there's a card for 4th Month of your uninvestigated death. After all, there are cards for everything else. Perhaps it would say 'Many Happy Returns On the 4th Month of Your Uninvestigated Death'?

It could be sent, with a wreath as a present, to the freezer where, I'm told, he currently lies. He'd probably prefer whisky.. but corpses can't be choosers - he'll just have to take what he can get.

We could hold a party.. no, perhaps not; he would freeze us out. Still, if this goes on much longer, once he reaches his anniversary of death, we really should do something.

Perhaps as a mark of his death South Yorkshire Police Force could begin an honest and thorough investigation into what happened to him. I'm sure he'd like that.

Must get on to them. I feel that now the habit is ingrained, they might not be too willing. But once they all learn to read, I'm sure it will become easier. Perhaps, the light will dawn?

Don't hold our breath though. I'd hate to see you turn blue.

Speak to ya soon.

Charlotte (Very Slightly Depressed - and Dissillusoned - Daughter Of The Dead)

PS Have a Happy Bank Holiday. Somebody should.
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Update - 10th August 2004

Ralph Winstanley has 'his own' comments page here

Perhaps this is a good time to tell newcomers that this story began
------------ ay
down at the bottom of the page..so perhaps you should begin there? You'll meet some very interesting photographs and letters on your way up. Otherwise, you can go into each posting separately by using the links on the side-bar.

Update - 10th August?

Well, this is likely to be a bit of a non-event.
My father, Ralph Winstanley, is still dead. He still lies in a freezer in Sheffield..waiting.

re: Doncaster Central Primary Care Trust
Doncaster East Primary Care Trust

I am getting letters from the lovely Trusts, (wonder what that word means?), by most posts, saying such sparkling things as,

Go away, I won't deal with you. Go on. Push off.

This is a slight paraphrase, but was said to me, in three separate letters, (with three separate envelopes and three separate stamps), by one Simon Morritt, Chief Executive of Doncaster Central Primary Care Trust, (and 'Lead Role' on the uncase of my father, Ralph Winstanley's death.) on the same day, 5th August. I think he just copied the words from one letter to the other. It really is not good enough. After an unnecessary death, the least I would expect of a man who 'earns' in excess of £100,000 year, is a modicum of inventiveness. My goodness, at this rate a machine could do the job.. now there's an idea.
nice picture of him here (Not much of him mind. He's dodging about at the back, with the also-mentioned Dr Kevin Lee)
UPDATE ON 'nice picture of him here': They seem, for some unaccountable reason, to have removed the picture from Doncaster Central Primary Care Trust Web site. Well! That is a blow! However, they seem to have stood the dear little fellow on a box, so he can be seen.
You will now find him here

So, that's the only Update I can give on dealings with the Primary Care Trusts of Doncaster. Well, except that Mrs Jayne Brown, has gone on to fresh fields and cliches new as 'Director of Performance Improvement' at York-based North and East Yorkshire and North Linclonshire Strategic Health Authority Sad, isn't it?

What dreadful thing did I do, to deserve this? I pointed out one or two flaws in their system.

Also, I asked for a copy of my father's full Medical Record.. which these two Trusts are denying me. Something extremely nasty happened to my father. It seems to go back several years. The trusts are fully aware of the detail. They are blocking access.

They - and their Caldicott Guardian, a Doctor David Brown - see here - (wonder if it's the same Dr David Brown who was father's GP? They both seem to be from Stainforth Surgery. Surely not!) seem to think I cannot represent my father's family interests. They think I will go away. They are wrong.

South Yorkshire Police

Again, an Update is difficult. South Yorkshire Police still will not investigate the death of my father, even though two policemen were on the premises when he died. How long has it been now? Well, add it up for yourself. He died on the 23rd April 2004. It is 10th August, 2004, today.

However, I have been trying to get something done. I have written to a range of South Yorkshire Police, to the South Yorkshire Police Authority, which does not seem to have the authority to insist that anything is done, to The Police Complaints Authority, which sounds promising.

I have also written to the Home Secretary, three times. Letters are coming back...

But still no investigation is under way. Words like 'reprehensible' and 'disgraceful' and 'deriliction of duty' keep drifting through my head. Not sure why.

Very shortly I expect they think that I will turn into sweet-mild-mannered-white-haired-old-lady - and go away. Tough. If that is what anyone thinks, they should realise that it's not likely to happen.

Please be reassured, that I am still not Ralph Winstanley.

Ralph Winstanley is dead. I am his very angry elder daughter, Charlotte.

See ya soon.

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Health Care Cash Coshes Truth

Yes, that is precisely what solicitors for Doncaster Central Primary Care Trust and Doncaster East Primary Care Trust are doing with Public Health Care money.

They are threatening me for telling the truth. More than that, they have threatened my former Web Server, Portland Communications.

They have sent a letter which maligns my intellectual property and says that what I say is defamatory. Further they say that my song, called in deference to the original, Abide With Me (unauthorised version), is no more than a poem.

They are stating that I am telling lies, in that what I say cannot be 'defamation' if it is the truth.
In doing this they are probably entering the arena of defamation, both on their own behalf and on behalf of both Doncaster East and Doncaster Central Primary Care Trusts.

Do read their letter to Portland Communications, which is re-produced below.

Still I think I can reasonably say that most of the people in England would disagree with such treatment for the truth.
However, that does not get me over the problem, ‘what to do now?’

Well, what I would like is some support, from like-minded people.

If you object to the anti-democratic actions of this bunch, perhaps you might like to help me?

Would you like to write to:
Mr Simon Morritt,
Chief Executive,
Doncaster Central Primary Care Trust,
White Rose House,
Ten Pound Walk,
or email:
or fax: 01302 365 208 or 01302 365 2304

and ask him something like the questions below?

1 What do you, as Chief Executive of Doncaster Central Primary Care Trust, and as the man who took ‘Lead Role’ in this matter, from Jayne Brown, and therefore also represent Doncaster East Primary Care Trust, intend to do about the death of Ralph Winstanley?


2 What do you intend to do to alter the system in place at both Primary Care Trusts, to prevent other people from being at risk of the same fate?


3 What made you think that you had the right to shut down a personal web site, on the spurious grounds that were given to Portland Communications? Namely:
a that it contained a poem called ‘mainline to murder’, which it did not.
b that it contained a poem, which it did not.
c that it contained lies, which it did not.


4 What restitution are you, personally and professionally, going to make, in respect of this destructive and undemocratic act?

Enquiries could also be sent to

Mrs Elizabeth Hedge,
Complaints Manager,
Doncaster Central & Doncaster East Primary Care Trusts (same address as above)
liz.hedge@nhs.net or liz.hedge@doncastercentralpct.nhs.uk

Of course South Yorkshire Police is refusing to even begin an investigation into this death. Remember, he died on 23rd April. I am writing this over three months after he died.

Why? Well, they tell me that they can’t investigate a death, or anything surrounding a death, unless the Coroner asks them to.

Finally, if the Coroner doesn’t ask them to investigate, then they will be content to do nothing.

So that should make us all feel safe in our beds, shouldn’t it?

If you object to this, perhaps you might like to help by writing to the Chief Constable of South Yorkshire Constabulary,
Mr Mike Hedges,
Chief Constable,
South Yorkshire Police HQ,
Snig Hill,
Sheffield. S3 8LY
or to the Head of CID,
Detective Chief Superintendent John Hudson? (same address as above)
They could be asked something like this

1 Would you demand and investigation if it were your son/daughter/mother/father/sister/brother were unlawfully killed?
2 If not, why not?
3 What would you do instead?

Send me a copy. I would love to hear from you at

Speak to ya soon.

Daughter of the Doomed

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Winstanley family history

Now Ralph Winstanley had two sons, as well as two daughters. (His daughters, by the way, are called Linda and Charlotte - formerly Christine)

His two sons both worked in the family business, at Doncaster Road, Wath-upon-Dearne, near Rotherham, South Yorkshire, England. It was called, Mowing Machine Maintenance. It later moved to Wet Moor Lane, still in Wath.

Ralph Winstanley (junior) left school aged 15 and went straight into the family business. He worked until he fell over. He covered for Ralph, his father, until he could stand it no more.

In the meantime, Ralph junior's younger brother, Richard, had also left school and weedy little soul that he then was, he was hurled headlong into working even more hours there, than he had when still at school.

Ralph Winstanley, senior, had, for many years, been a betting man. As 'his' affluence grew, he joined the Hunt, leaving his two sons to keep the money rolling in. Then he bought a racehorse.

His lifestyle (oh yes, he had a lifestyle - even then - back in the 1960s),did not include his family. He discovered Lord Oaksey, betting friends, people to impress.

Sometimes he would turn up at work and try to be the boss. This was getting increasingly difficult. He understood very little of the make-up of the firm. He took money away to spend, but did little, over many years.

His first wife, and his younger daughter worked in the firm. They did the books, until the wrangling got too much. Even his elder daughter worked, exercising his spare horses, for a very short time.

His first wife realised that he would never be a faithful husband. He never had been, after all, in all the years of their marriage. She had struggled valiantly, with little help, to rear their four children, waiting until they were grown up before finally throwing in the towel.

In 1976 she divorced him.

He had left her, yet again, for a 'bicycle woman'. He rode tandem with many. This one was a helper at a Primary School in Denaby, South Yorkshire. She thought that a bicycle was to ride.

He didn't want a divorce. He approached his elder daughter, saying, "your mother says she's going to divorce me. Tell her she can't".

His elder daughter replied, "I've been telling her for years that she should divorce you. You sleep around with anything that moves. You treat her badly. She needs some peace. She ought to divorce you. You don't want her. Why shouldn't she divorce you?"

Bicycle from Moss

Later, he approached the same daughter - who had wished him well in his second marriage - and said, "Thanks for your good wishes, but I really don't want to get married." However, he did get married.. or so they said.

His younger daughter, Linda, wrote to the place where they were supposed to have been married. The Registrar, wrote to say that this had happened in 1978. Ralph's 'intended' had not been divorced until 1980, so quite how legal it was, is a moot point.

For over 14 years now, he had not 'got on' with either his elder or his younger son. He seemed to have fallen in with a bad lot, when he joined the Badsworth Hunt. In 1987, he sold the business from under his younger son, giving him two days notice of when it would finally be gone.

Following this, his sons were dispossessed of their Farm, (yes, the 'mess of pottage' did come into it), which had been bought in their names, and treated like strangers in a strange land, mostly by the second 'wife'. (If you can imagine a sort of super-cuckoo?)

However, his younger son was given the Tenancy of Manor Farm, house and garden. The second 'wife' was to use the farmland for her Welsh ponies. This was fine - except that he and his wife were then driven off the land by some malign force, which badly damaged the younger son's legs, and cut water pipes and electricity cables and mixed them together. Curiously South Yorkshire Police Force never did get to the bottom of it. Well, they wouldn't, would they? It seems they never investigated it.

The Tenancy agreement was then changed to an Agricultural Tenancy, which pre-supposed that the whole of the land at the farm was also included in the agreement since an agricultural tenancy must include agricultural land.

Also Ralph Winstanley gave his younger son, Richard, the Deeds to Manor Farm, to hold, to 'keep them safe'.. from someone? Now, why would he do that?

For over 14 years now, Richard, has been taken through a series of Courts; Bankrupted through one - even though this was done illegally, as Lord Justice Aldous and Lord Justice Mummery found - and has had his family life ruined by some malignancy.

Who is responsible for this?
Could it have been the Accountants?
Could it have been the Litigation Solicitors?
Could it have been the 'wife'?

Was she ever a 'wife'?

She certainly had Reece, the pony, shod in contemplation of Ralph
Winstanley's funeral, three days before he died.

She certainly was very resistant to Ralph having even a change of bedding, as he lay dying?

She wailed and told everyone that he was being terribly sick and was sicking up blood, when he wasn't.

She celebrated with pornography and gin as he lay dying.

She held a 'Thanksgiving Service', well before he could be buried. (Such a 'caring' soul?)

At the Thanksgiving Service, she had his saddle and hunting ' pink' hauled into the church by the undertaker. (Well, I suppose it found him something to do, since he coudn't do the burial. It was at the suggestion of a 'good friend' Ifor Williams.. so we are told. So, what gave him such an idea? Was it just that he was short of a 'good Thanksgiving'? Could it have been that he was a highly religious man? Probably we'll never know.

Visitors said it was a most peculiar 'do'. A church, a funeral, no body, no offspring, no real religion.. but at least the photographers went. Perhaps it was intended to be a wedding? If so, then the bride seems to have been 'The Bride of Death'.

And there lies Ralph Winstanley, in a freezer in Sheffield. Mourned by whom?
By his younger daughter, Linda.

Certainly, he was not mourned by Nina's younger daughter, who 'watched for his toes to turn black'. A 'bit of a treat' for her, I suppose? But why would she want to watch such a thing happen? Is television so boring? Hasn't she got a life?

NB: Not sure how she knew about that.. but she was determined to see it all.. kept lifting up the sheet.

Family history is such an interesting subject, don't you think? There will be more, mentioning names. The history of my family includes legal battles, which were not asked for, solicitors who were - and are - rather good at soliciting, accountants of family firms, who managed not to see Ralph Winstanley - even though they did? Such strange conundrums..

To conclude: Ralph Winstanley is still in a freezer in Sheffield. He is pretty dead. However, he is still not cremated. So there is some hope that we can find out more.

Do not forget. I am not Ralph Winstanley. Ralph Winstanley is still dead. Mustn't sail under false colours, must I? Oh, and one more thing..just because he was less than perfect, (no-one's perfect, after all), doesn't mean he should have died as he did. Does it?

Speak to ya soon.

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Still they will not let us see

UPDATE 1st August 2004

Doncaster East and Doncaster Central Primary Care Trusts, still will not allow Linda Kirby and Charlotte Peters Rock have copies of their father's medical records.

Ralph Winstanley was put down to die in April this year. He is still not buried. He died at Grange Farm, Moss, Doncaster. He had help from both Primary Care Trusts.

When his daughters queried the fact that the Clinical Notes File, written up and kept at Grange Farm, Pinfold Lane, Moss, Doncaster, had been extensively altered, the man who had just taken on 'Lead Role' in the case, Simon Morrit, Chief Executive, Doncaster Central Primary Care Trust, began to make a decision.

His decision seems to have been that he would not speak to women who queried the veracity of the Clinical Notes File. He seems to think that that is his job - 'sending people to Coventry'. We do not need to go to Coventry. Coventry would not be close enough to Doncaster. Doncaster is the place where this man has made such a peculiar decision. Why has he made this decision? Could it be that he has something to hide? Perhaps he is guarding someone else's back?

How can we tell.? He has an email address at simon.morritt@doncastercentralpct.nhs.uk Perhaps if anyone could find out, and let me know, ralphwinstanley@yahoo.co.uk we could overcome the problem. I can no longer visit his building, write to him by letter, email or fax. Nor can I telephone him. Such a pity. Such a nice little man!

Why, for that matter, has Jayne Brown, Chief Executive of Doncaster East Primary Care Trust, relinquished her 'Lead Role' to Simon Morritt, whilst refusing to give access to Ralph Winstanley's Medical Records? Could it be that she has something to hide?

Did she only relinquish her 'Lead Role' because of her recent honour, (OBE) or because she is moving to 'a Strategic Health Authority near York'? Is it that she just didn't have the time to deal with death, in her rush up the ladder?

What a pity. As Ralph Winstanley's daughters, we seem to have no choice but to deal with death. My sister Linda and I were so concerned about the manner of our father's death, that we have dealt with little else, for over three months now.

Still I haven't been banned from writing to her, well not so far as I know, so perhaps I'll send her an email at jayne.brown@doncastereastpct.nhs.uk and ask if she has changed her mind yet. If 'Lead Role' is to be passed round like a relay baton, it is useful to know that the next 'runner' is not a butterfingers, don't you think?

Whilst everyone seems to be going away on holiday, here we are, working towards a just conclusion. Pity that South Yorkshire Police Force felt unable to join us. But there, perhaps they're all on holiday?

This work is made the harder because of the intransigence of paid servants of the two Primary Care Trusts.

Having been banned from the Primary Care Trusts premises; and from writing to Simon Morritt, by letter, by email, by fax; and also banned from telephoning him; a small but perfectly-formed picture is beginning to emerge.

It looks like an ostrich. It hasn't got a head. No, it's neck leads into the ground. Ah yes, now I have it. It's head is buried in the ground. No, wait. It isn't an ostrich after all. It seems to be wearing a suit. It bears a badge. I wonder what the badge says? Ah, yes. Something about 'Lead Role'.

I didn't know that Primary Care Trusts issued badges. I wonder if they have one which says, 'OBE - too busy climbing'?

It's so good that intentions are marked. I do worry about that badge though. What does 'Lead Role' mean?

Answers on a postcard please.

Charlotte (Daughter of the Departed)

PS Ralph Winstanley is still dead. He does not lie easy. He is waiting for justice. It seems to be a long wait.)

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